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1 12018-04-03 22:39:45
Bert Weaver
Parks & Recreation
Install a shade canopy at Plaza de Cesar Chavez adjacent to the fountains
In the summer visitors to the plaza seek refuge from the sun under the trees. Installing a canopy adjacent to the fountains (one that can be removed for Christmas in the Park) would provide more park space that people can enjoy.  There are many examples; the attached photo is only a suggestion.
2 22018-04-03 22:52:43
Bert Weaver
Streets & Sidewalks
Install either a Hawke light or a flashing beacon for the pedestrian crosswalk on W San Carlos St at Josefa St
The pedestrian crosswalk on W San Carlos St at Josefa St is in the middle of a long stretch of a major artery with no traffic signals across a very wide intersection.  There is a considerable number of pedestrians who cross there, but they are at the mercy of the speeding traffic.  A Hawke light would be ideal there -- a signal that stops traffic only when needed for a pedestrian to cross, and is off when it is not needed.  A less desirable alternative is a beacon that flashes when a pedestrian is crossing the street.
3 32018-04-03 23:29:25
Andrew T.
Parks & Recreation
Lakehouse Community Orchard
An orchard of fruit trees on the city-owned vacant lot at Park & Gifford so that neighbors can enjoy the shade in the summer, a quiet place to sit, better air, more foliage, and 10 months of fresh fruits.
4 42018-04-03 23:39:52
Bert Weaver
Arts & Culture
Refurbish the Eagle, Coyote, & Hummingbird art installation on Park Ave at Guadalupe River
The Eagle, Coyote, & Hummingbird art installation is in poor shape visually.  The sculptures are corroded and stained, the plaques are discolored, painted over and cannot be read, and the hummingbirds are missing from the tops of the flag poles.  The sculptures and plaques should cleaned, perhaps sand blasted and polished, the hummingbirds should be replaced, and 4 flags representing the people who have settled here, including the Ohlone people, should be placed on the flagpoles.
5 52018-04-03 23:49:20
Bert Weaver
Parks & Recreation
Replace/renew the five multi-directional signs in Guadalupe River Park and Gardens
There are 5 multi-directional signs in the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens between San Carlos St and San Fernando St.  They are in various stages of disrepair.  They are out of date, pointing in incorrect directions, and broken.  They should be replaced with new signs that point the way to the many downtown attractions that are nearby.
6 62018-04-03 23:55:30
Bert Weaver
Parks & Recreation
Install bistro-style string lights in Discovery Dog Park
Discovery Dog Park has three light fixtures on poles, but the tree branches are so thick and low and the light poles are so far apart that the park is very dark, uninviting, scary, and dangerous.  This can be remedied relatively inexpensively by installing bistro-style string lights throughout the park, like the lights that were installed in Plaza de Cesar Chavez in attached photo.
7 72018-04-04 00:00:08
Bert Weaver
Streets & Sidewalks
Install new lights on San Fernando St under Hwy 87 overpass
The "Moving Waters" art light installation was put on San Fernando St under the Hwy 87 overpass, but it only covers about half of the area.  The other half on the eastern end of the overpass is dark, uninviting, scary, and dangerous.  New, brighter lights, such as were installed on San Carlos St at Hwy 87, would be a great improvement.
8 82018-04-04 00:02:46
Bert Weaver
Streets & Sidewalks
Install new lights on Auzerais Ave under Hwy 87 overpass
Auzerais Ave where it passes under Hwy 87 is dark, uninviting, scary, and dangerous.  New, brighter lights, such as were installed on San Carlos St at Hwy 87, would be a great improvement.
9 92018-04-04 00:08:43
Bert Weaver
Arts & Culture
Refurbish the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens lettering on 4 bridges over the river
The bridges on Woz Way, San Carlos St, Park Ave, and San Fernando St over the Guadalupe River have bronze lettering for the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens.  The lettering is discolored, corroded, painted over, and in some places missing letters.  These bridge signs should be refurbished, cleaned, sand blasted, and renewed.
10 102018-04-04 00:13:28
Bert Weaver
Streets & Sidewalks
Repair the lights along the Guadalupe River Trail between Park Ave and San Fernando St
On the west side of the Guadalupe River Trail at street level between Park Ave and San Fernando St, the lights have been out for several years, perhaps due to copper theft.  This area is extremely dark, scary, and dangerous at night.  Repairing these lights would make a huge improvement.
11 112018-04-04 00:49:56
Debbie Caminiti 
Streets & Sidewalks
Signage to Little Italy
Find their way. We have 5 businesses now and are in the process of raising funds to build our Museum/ Cultural Center Experience. We are right along the park and SAP.  
12 122018-04-04 02:04:47
Jesica Fernandez
Youth & Education
Youth Voices Project
Developing a photovoice project (photographs and narratives) with youth (middle and high school students) to document their social, cultural and political lived experiences, along with their hopes and dreams for improving the Guadalupe Washington Community. Photovoice is a research methodology used in areas of public health, social work, education and psychology. Photovoice facilitates the process of communities documenting their lives as means to identify challenges and strengths within their communities, and to develop collaborative solutions to address these issue via photo-narrative documentation. The goal of the project is to engage young people in opportunities for documentation, reflection and dialogue about their concerns, through a community-based research approach that will strive to facilitate their  critical education, leadership and civic engagement.
13 132018-04-04 03:07:46
Chris Hauck
Streets & Sidewalks
Extent the road diet was completed on Minnesota to include Alma from Lelong to 1st.
The current situation is very unsafe with cars parked on Alma which essentially block and entire lane from 1st to S. Almaden.  I have witnessed multiple accidents  and near misses.  The existing 2nd lane that allows parking is essentially useless, parking time restrictions are also not followed.  The road diet that was created on the adjoining side of Minnesota has worked out quite well and they don't have nearly the number of parked cars we do between S. Almaden and 1st.
14 142018-04-04 03:45:36
Alex Pham
Install electronic speed sign on 11th St after Taylor
enjoy a pleasant atmosphere without noise and danger from the frequent speeding and highly accelerating cars, trucks and motorcycles on this long strip of road. Attached example was of a temporary trailer sign from SJPD, which worked very well for 2 weeks last year. Need a permanent solution. 
15 152018-04-04 04:12:30
refugio moreno
Pay the homeless to clean the creeks
The homeless generate a lot of trash. Why not pay them a few dollars for every trash bag they turn recycling aluminum  cans
16 162018-04-04 14:27:17
John C. Wilhelmsson
Public Safety
To put a fire road on the City of San Jose property located to the east of the San Jose Water Company yard on s 12th St and to the west of Coyote Creek.  This has been the site of many large fires and there is even a fire pit there criminals use to process stolen copper wire.  The San Jose Water Company already has plans for an emergency access through their yard to get to this area.  So we now need a fire road in this area.
Be protected from a possible wild fires and be protected from the think black smoke that fills the immediate area when criminals burn the plastic off of stolen copper wire.
17 172018-04-04 20:26:13
Virginia Thomas
Streets & Sidewalks
Lights are needed under the overpass along St. John St. near Henry's Hi-Life.  Since the Italian Pizza Restaurant has opened more people are parking and walking along this area.  The homeless are camping out here on the cement near the parking meters on both sides.  It's not very appealing to residents, visitors, etc. since the Guadalupe and SAP Center are heavy traffic areas.  The lighting that was put under the overpass at Santa Clara St is an idea.  So much could be done to invite more people to this area particularly since the San Pedro area is expanding.  Flower pots, colorful crosswalks, etc.  The Viet Nam Memorial and the Playground near SAP is getting cleaned up or should be getting attention too. 
Make this area more walkable for the expanding residents that will move in the San Pedro Market area (2,763 units going in) plus for the many residents that have lived in downtown for decades want to finally enjoy the area.  Lots of dog walkers, babies in strollers seen more and more.  Nice to have some bike racks, some seating area as well.
18 182018-04-05 01:46:12
Parks & Recreation
Backesto Park
Cutting the grass would be greatSo would be an investment in just about anything to such a widely used park
19 192018-04-05 02:00:02
Theresa Ruiz
Clean the Guadalupe creek.  Has trash and weeds.  
Enjoy the view.  And reduce or get rid of the very expensive flood insurance.
20 202018-04-05 04:28:48
April Williams
Streets & Sidewalks
To spruce up the two cute bridges that pass over coyote creek on Williams and also on Santa Clara.  1) finish the mosaic areas across the whole bridge then repaint or 2) remove the current hodgepodge of tilework and replace with simple sustainable and classy paint and theme.  Additionally, clean up visible waterway from each bridge (trim trees, remove trash from creek, etc.)...many residents and commuters stop on the bridges to ponder and look at the creek but it is a sight for sore eyes 🙁  IF the mosaic was continued across the bridge, local schools or groups could apply for a space to design...this would make a great community feel 🙂
Enjoy their walk or ride across these regularly used paths around town.
21 212018-04-05 04:37:03
April Williams
Provide more regular dumpster days and possible junk car removal days.  Our streets our plagued with illegal dumping.  Perhaps more opportunities to legally dispose of large items would be beneficial.
Walk/drive through the neighborhood without seeing mattresses, broken furniture, etc on curbs and corners.
22 222018-04-05 04:46:03
April Williams
To provide more dumpster days or free car removal to residents.  Our streets are plagued with illegal dumping and unsightly messes.  Access to a legal option for ridding of large items might be helpful.
Walk/drive down the street without seeing random piles of trash and waste from people's homes on the sidewalks and curbs.
23 232018-04-05 04:54:13
April Williams
Host incentive based clean up days.  Most residents want garbage free streets and quite a few would enjoy some perks from neighborhood businesses.  If local business can donate a service or gift card supplemented by district 3 vouchers to local businesses, perhaps more community members would be motivated to clean up small trash items that accumulate (fast food cups, paper bags, etc.) and they could be rewarded with a free hair cut, McDonald's gift card, Walgreens card, gas voucher, etc for collecting a certain number of bags of trash.   
Help clean their community while earning a small reward at a local business...this could promote commerce in the area if residents have a chance to go to a business they usually don't frequent.
24 242018-04-05 05:25:37
Jon Stofer
Streets & Sidewalks
adding traffic "islands" to N2nd/N3rd and Taylor 
People are always running over the "Right turn only" signs. It would be nice to have something permanent. It would also do a lot of good to beautify the neighborhood. The school cross walks should also be redone to ensure safety of the many students who walk by.
25 252018-04-05 18:59:03
Andrew T
Parks & Recreation
A Park Ave. Pop-Up Park @ Gifford Ave
The city owns the lot at 460 Park Avenue. As of right now it is an eyesore, fenced-off and overgrown with weeds. This proposal is to remove the cyclone fences and install a temporary pop-up park.
26 262018-04-05 23:11:30
Andrew T
Arts & Culture
A mural under 87 on W San Carlos
The under-crossing of W San Carlos under 87 is long and brutally gray. This proposal is for a mural the full 225' of one of the high walls above the embankment along W San Carlos.
27 272018-04-05 23:43:09
Jimy Pesin 
Community garden
Plant and grow vegetables. It’s a place for communities to get together and meet each other. 
28 282018-04-06 00:46:42
Lawrence Lui
Streets & Sidewalks
Stop signs on Notre Dame on way to 87
Cross more safely. Cars are often oblivious to pedestrians if they see the road ahead
29 292018-04-06 03:56:07
Marc Douat
Public Safety
radar speed limit signs on W Virginia St
drive slower through Gardner Neighborhood
30 302018-04-06 04:02:03
Marc Douat
Streets & Sidewalks
add median landscaping on Bird Ave between W Virginia St and Park Ave
improve neighborhood feel and walkability 
31 312018-04-06 04:06:12
Marc Douat
bike lanes on Bird Ave between W Virginia St and Park Ave
ride bikes on Bird Ave with the safety of a bike lane. Right now there is only a small section on Bird Ave without a bike lane.
32 322018-04-06 04:31:17
Marc Douat
Streets & Sidewalks
turn W William St into one-way and add more street parking for Gardner Academy Elementary School
park at Gardner Academy Elementary School, and improve neighborhood traffic flow during drop-off / pick-up hours. Design details provided in Gardner SNI report
33 332018-04-08 01:00:43
Sarah Adeel
Small food carts are one of the most utilized way of income generation for Hispanic community in San José. Unfortunately, these carts are usually homemade without much thought about human factors, ergonomics, utility, hygiene, environment or scale. I worked with the students of San José State University to come up with a new and better design of the cart to benefit the food vendors and enrich the city fabric of San Jose. In an effort to help East San José community members grow their businesses, we will build 4 re-designed food carts and work with a cohort of food entrepreneurs over a pilot period of 6 months. 
Cora Carts will create more than just a place to promote local food entrepreneurs by fostering San Jose’s diversity as well as converting some of our most important public spaces into cultural cornerstones for commerce and community. For more info:
34 342018-04-10 16:42:03
Brian Grayson (for PAC*SJ)
Arts & Culture
Restoration of the Stephen's Meat Products Dancing Pig neon sign
Once again enjoy this iconic sign. It could once again be a place making landmark for people to meet and gather at and marvel at this historic sign and the unique "dancing pig".
35 352018-04-10 23:03:06
Norwita Powell
Public Safety
Demo condemned  garage structure and secure open area on City owned property
not use the structure illegally (it has been boarded up by the city, but is under attack), secure neighborhood from vandalism, protect Coyote Creek from trash and homelessness, improve the appearance of City owned property (this is an eyesore), improve public safety (the garage should be condemned and removed) and 
36 362018-04-11 18:08:25
Steve Carlson
Streets & Sidewalks
Bike lanes and right hand turn lane on Balbach Street
Balbach Street, which is a one and a half block long two-way street between Almaden Blvd. and Market Street has a bike lane on both side of the street for the first half block, Almaden Blvd to Almaden Ave, and then the bike lanes end.    Balbach St. is narrow and substandard street according to San Jose’s’ Department of Transportation.  Since this is a narrow street it doesn’t allow for a right-hand turn lane onto Market Street or for bike lanes.  Because of the lack of a right-hand turn lane traffic backs up to Almaden Blvd, during commute hours.  Balbach has been identified as a bicycle and pedestrian access to the downtown. A remedy for this is to eliminate the street parking on the North side of Balbach Street from Almaden Ave to Market Street and to restripe the street with bike lanes and a right-hand turn lane at Market Street.  This will make the street safer for cyclists and help ease the traffic back up at Market Street.
37 372018-04-16 13:42:16
LaToya Fernandez
Youth & Education
sponsoring more girls to attend Queenhype at roosevelt center
This will help empower more of our young girls of color in our district. it costs 250 to sponsor one girl through the program as it includes a laptop and program materials. Through this empowerment program we have seen huge gains in academics, community service and citizenship amidst our D3 youth. We are currently operating at the Roosevelt Community Center and several D3 elementary and middle schools.
38 382018-04-18 19:35:05
Michael Aghvami
Streets & Sidewalks
Facade improvement/partnership with property owners . There was a similar plan when "redevelopment agency" was active
Improvement of the overall business district that would encourage new businesses activities and more services offered to the neighborhood
39 392018-04-20 15:41:22
john mitchell
Streets & Sidewalks 
see their restored town clock tower


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