District 3 Participatory Budgeting  Program Results – 2017

District 3 Community Projects to be Funded by Second Year Participatory Budgeting Program
Downtown Residents Select Nine Neighborhood Projects as part of “D3Decides” Program for the Second Year.

For Immediate Release
November 15, 2017
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Christina Ramos
Chief of Staff for Councilmember Peralez
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San José , Calif. – Councilmember Raul Peralez is proud to announce that nine neighborhood projects will be funded as part of the second District 3 Participatory Budgeting program with a budget of $250,000.

The City’s Participatory Budgeting program is designed to more directly engage San José residents in making budgetary decisions. In 2015‐2016, Mayor Liccardo and Councilmember Peralez launched a Participatory Budgeting pilot program with over 500 Council District 3 residents allocating $100,000 for eight neighborhood projects.

After an extensive year long process that culminated in an online and hand‐ballot voting process by District 3 residents, the following nine projects were chosen for funding:



1. Community garden at Backesto park


2. A grant to Backesto park community center for children’s restrooms


3. A $4,000 Infrastructure improvement grant for all District 3 community center youth programs.


4. A $3,000 grant for each District 3 school for sports equipment


5. A $1,000 grant for each District 3 school library


6. A grant to each District 3 library for youth to enjoy books on culture, art, and history


7. Improve lighting under Coleman Bridge at Ryland & at SR 87 underpass at Park Avenue


8. Create a soccer ball drill practice area at Backesto park


9. Brighter lights on S. 7th street by the 280 overpass



The project kicked off in autumn 2016 with the submission of over 150 project proposals by District 3 residents. The submissions were then vetted by a group of “Budget Delegates,” District 3 residents who volunteered to research and analyze each proposed project to ensure that it could be implemented on city

property and funded with city dollars. All District 3 residents ages 15 and over were then given an opportunity to vote on the 갇inal list of quali갇ied projects, with ballots available online, at numerous District 3 community locations. Altogether, more than 3500 District 3 residents participated in the process.

The nine identi갇ied projects will be scheduled for implementation in the coming year. The D3Decides Participatory Budgeting Program will be continuing into its third year during the 2017‐2018 Fiscal year.

For more information on San José ’s Participatory Budgeting Pilot Program, please visit: