2016-2017 D3decides Submissions

My Idea is… So that people can… D3 Location
1 Create Soccer Ball Drill Practice Area Outline a space to the side of community center in grass area for youth to practice Soccer Ball Drills. Backesto Park
2 Remove Handball Court and redo the space with seating or 4 Square or Tether ball Court. Keep the Mural, however reinvent the space with raised garden beds, or install Tether balls. In speaking with SJPD at a recent meeting, they identified the space as a gathering place for trouble. Backesto Park
3 Provide Access and paint inside of building near Base Ball field so it can be used for children. Open building next to BaseBall Field so it can be used as a meeting room or extra recreational room. It was used as a community room several years ago. It would be nice to have it returned to the community and not used for storage. Backesto Park
4 Childrens Art Work Display & Community Center Board Childrens Art Display and Community Center board that provides information regarding the programs being offered at the park and in the community center. Backesto Park
5 Backesto Park Community Center Sign Place a sign in front of the Community Center that identifies Backesto Park and the Community Center. Most parks and Community Centers in the city have one. Backesto does not. Backesto Park Community Center
6 Open Community Bulletin Board – At Backesto Park Community Center So the community can post, business cards, rentals, lost dogs, garage sales, events that occur in the Neighborhood. To encourage members of the community to get involved and get to know each other. Create a sense of community together a focal point. Backesto Park Community Center
7 Enclosed Community Bulletin Board – At Backesto Park Community Center Information regarding Neighborhood Meetings, Events, Voting can be posted to encourage members of the community to get involved. Maybe have a suggestion box attached to it for improvement ideas Backesto Park Community Center
8 Tether Ball Stands Children can play Tether ball at the park Backesto Park
9 Childrens Mural Wall Create a children’s mural along the outside of Restrooms to brighten the park for visitors and make it more inviting . Backesto Park
10 Technology Grant for Tablet’s, Ipads, Computers. Have Access to do Homework After School and Access School Platform Backesto Park
11 Protective Fencing at Monopoly in the Park Continue to enjoy the giant Monopoly in the Park gameboard and the fencing will prevent bicyclist, skateboarders and even city vehicles from riding over the granite/cement surface which damages the painted Monopoly surface. Each year the board needs to be coated with new paint because of this type of damage that can be prevented by a simple tot-lot type of fence around the perimeter of the playing around and the 4 picnic tables there. Guadalupe Park
12 Fund sidewalk patching by property owners and by summer youth program  SJ spent $450,000 patching sidewalks. Property owners spent many times more. Often patching is as effective as complete replacement or grinding. A 40 Lb bag of vinyl patch and tools (wire brush and spatula) costs less than $40, saves thousands of dollars and can be done in minutes versus days. N. 3rd and E. Younger Ave
13 Monopoly Themed Public Bathroom Have access to public bathrooms for families and those with ADA needs at Discovery Meadows/Monopoly in the Park where there currently are no bathrooms in the entire park despite its heavy use during festivals and special events. Guadalupe Park/Discovery Meadows
14 Raised garden beds for a community garden in fenced bocce ball area So local communities and clubs can sponsor and tend raised garden beds providing nutrition education, fresh produce, and fostering a continued link with our cities agricultural past. This would not alter the boccee ball courts but simply replace the worn landscaping with usable raised garden beds.  Backesto Park
15 Police Camera Tower & Parking Space Visually see that police cameras are conducting surveillance along N 13th for traffic entering from the freeway or leaving from the residential neighborhood. This tower would be located across from the Valero Gas Station and a red-painted parking space on the street would be exclusively used by police vehicles to conduct occasional radar speed enforcement. Speed enforcement would not be part of the funding. N. 13th Street near E. Mission
16 Vietnamese Lion Mural Project   Participate in a public mural project along N 13th along currently vacant property (similar to downtown businesses mural projects currently). This public space community mural project would run the length of 13th from Vestal to Mission St along the vacant formerly Squires Lumber & Wholesale Fish market. N 13th between Vestal and E. Mission
17 Bike Stand & Electrical Charging Station Use alternative means of transportation, reduce traffic-polluting cars along 13th and dedicate a permanent stretch of public street & sidewalk across from 633 N 13th. Doing so will remove the availability of illegally parked cars at this location from repeat offenders. Across the Street from 633 N 13th
18 Italian Marionette Street Furniture Recall the Italian heritage of this community and encourage pedestrian traffic and support local artists who would design these permanently fixed marionette-inspired tables, benches and chairs along N 13th between Taylor and Empire.. Along N 13th between Taylor and Empire
19 Parade of Carousel Animal Gateways Recall the historical Luna Park Amusement rides that once existed and transform this downtown gateway along 13th street, from Hwy 101 to Empire St, into a more beautiful and tourist attracting experience. Along 13th street, from Hwy 101 to Empire St
20 Fix the Bleachers and Snack Shack/Provide Wood  The bleachers have splinters and chips. The snack shack has dry rot. The backboards in the batting cage are cracked. Provide the wood for a big volunteer work day to fix it all.  Columbus Park
21 Concrete Sidewalk Walk safely in front of 980 N 11th St. Currently this sidewalk is made of dirt and is inaccessible to wheelchairs and strollers. If sidewalk was functional, it would prevent people from walking in the middle of the street with vehicles. This area is also targeted for illegal dumping and fixing this sidewalk will help alleviate this problem as well. 980 N 11th St
22 Extra funding for community centers in the District  So that kids and seniors can enjoy the programs. Community Centers
23 Extended days and hours at community centers during the summer. So that kids could have somewhere to go, instead of staying out and causing trouble. Community Centers
24 A grant to the boys and girls club within District 3. continue to enjoy the program. Boys and Girls Clubs in District 3
25 Extra funding for youth programs in District 3. enjoy the program. District 3
26 SPA: Maintain & Clean Biebrach Park often. enjoy it. Biebrach Park
27 Clean the Guadalupe Trail from homeless garbage. Continue to use the trail and walk safely. Guadalupe Trail
28 Keep youth programs open local community centers and libraries  Continue to use the programs.  District 3
29 to keep the youth center open.  Continue to use the programs.  District 3
30  More programs for children at all District community Centers and libraries. learn music and art.  District 3
31  Youth Program: to purchase IPADS and Computers for Gardner Community Center learn and communicate. Gardner Community Center
32 A Skatepark by the Gardner neighborhood have a closer location to skate at. Gardner Park
33  A lighted crosswalk in front of the Yu-Ai Kai Community Center on 4th Street. have safer access between the Yu-Ai Kai Community Center and Akiyama Wellness Center in that most of the senior participants walking between the two sites need more time to cross the street, need easier access to public parking on both sides of 4th Street, and because a lot of the senior participants crossing the street use walkers or canes, walking to the corner of 4th Street and Jackson Street is difficult. Corner of 4th and Jackson
34  Outside lighting for the Akiyama Wellness Center,  which is owned by the City of San Jose and operated by the Yu-Ai Kai Community Center. see better when walking in the area, which would prevent falls or injuries, in addition to decreasing crime by providing better lighting and a safer environment 110 Jackson Street
35 Surveillance cameras for the Akiyama Wellness Center,  which is owned by the City of San Jose and operated by the Yu-Ai Kai Community Center.  benefit from a security system that would increase public safety, deter crime including robberies and vandalism, provide footage that can assist the police in apprehending suspects, in addition to giving the senior participants of the community center peace of mind for a safer environment. 110 Jackson Street
36 Paint a mural or grow ivy on the train bridge over  Hwy 101  enjoy a clean overpass by discouraging graffiti & blight. Working with Caltrans, we need a more permanent solution than the standard gray paint, which only creates a blank slate for new graffiti. Train bridge over 101 (Between N 10th and N 11th)
37  Offer matching grant funding for tree pruning  afford and be more willing to properly maintain their trees. All too often I see improper pruning which causes permanent damage to the overall beauty and structure of the tree. Well manicured and maintained trees is what makes a community more beautiful and invests in our future. District 3
38 Security Cameras Along Paseo De San Antonio Alternately, the City should sue the State for blight. If a business owner can be fined for blight, I believe the State should also. Paseo De San Antonio
39 Artfully painted crosswalks on Hedding adjacent to Peter Burnett MS Students and other pedestrians would use these crosswalks. These crosswalks would be painted with Peter Burnett’s school mascot would bring school pride. If done as a D3 Decides project the neighborhood would be better linked to the school. On Hedding adjacent to Peter Burnett MS
40 Label the lanes from Hedding Street (going from East to Westonto N. 10th Street) Yield to priority traffic and protect pedestrian crossing on Hedding Street on 10th Street. Hedding Street from East to West on N. 10th Street
41 Pedestrian Walkway & Lighting on stretch of W. Julian walk safely to and from Little Italy and SAP Center W. Julien
42 More utility box art  in District 3 benefit from cheerful environment that the art brings. We have some utility boxes already painted, but there are more city owned utility boxes that are not yet painted.  District 3
43 Annual Project to provide public median tree prunning for underserved neighbors. be well served.  District 3
44  Additional speed trailers 2 or 3 to help calm neighborhood traffic. Slow down.  District 3
45 Develop an App to report illegal dumping, similar to the graffiti App Easily report illegal dumping in the City.  District 3
46  Cigarette Island (traffic Divider Island) at McLaughlin Avenue & highway 280 be deterred from making illegal u-turns onto 280 entrance ramps & promote pedestrian safety. McLaughlin Avenue & highway 280
47  Wheelchair Lift for Act for Mental Health Center( 441 Park Avenue)- City owned building have access to the building. Currently. the building is not ADA compliant. 441 Park Avenue
48 Pedestria Crosswalk at S. 20th Street at East Santa Clara Street. To allow easier street crossing to the Roosevelt community Center  S. 20th Street at East Santa Clara
49 First Aid & CPR Certification Training for D3 Community Leaders, one or two leaders from each group. know what to do in an emergency. District 3
50 Stop Sign on Santa ana Avenue & 11th Street Walk and drive safely and it would help with traffic calming Santa ana Avenue & 11th Street
51 Sidewalk/ corner ramp on Madera Avenue & 10th Street Cross the street safely when in wheelchair or stroller. Madera Avenue & 10th Street
52 Art Counseling for Free o the Community Get access to art counseling  Auzerais Avenue (?)
53  Install Marker Signs pointing to Coyote Creek Trail at Keyes Street & Senter Road Find an access point to the South side of the Coyote Creek Trail & future Coyote Meadows Coyote Creek Trail Access Point
54 Parcour section with tai chi spinners Be fit in their own neighborhood and keep eyes out for public safety Near S 22nd and Firestdale Aveneue
55  Parcour section with tai chi spinners Be healthy and fit in your own neighborhood and also keep an eye out for neighborhood safety.  Bestor Art Park
56 Five Wounds Trail historical railroad marker The Friends of the Five Wounds Trail worked with VTA to save and store a dozen of the railroad semaphore/light poles that were removed from the abandoned right-of-way for use along the Five Wounds Trail. There’s already a wide sidewalk section of the trail built along S 22nd Street from the Olinder Dog Park to E William Street. The idea would be to install one of the saved poles along the sidewalk portion of the trail at Martin Park. Residents should know about the historical significance of the Western Pacific (and later Union Pacific) operating through our neighborhood for more than 80 years. The residential housing between S 22nd Street and Woodborough Drive was built on the former railroad right-of-way switching yard.   Martin Park
57  SPA: Poner senales para la escuela (McKinley Elementary).

ENG: To install a signal for McKinley Elementary.

SPA: Saber que hay una escuela cerca.


ENG: Be aware that there is a school close by.

 McKinley Elementary
58 repainting crosswalks and centra lines on McLaughlin Avenue and South 24th Street. Walk safely with their children and drivers can see the lines. McLaughlin Avenue and South 24th Street
59 Street signs for Street sweeping day for Madera/Horning Assoc The Madera/Horning neighborhood is in desperate need of Street Sweeping signs. The neighborhood has a lot a illegal dumping issues and abandoned vehicles. The street signs will maintain the streets clean and discourage the illegal dumping Madera/Horning neighborhood
60 Dumpster Day/Clean-Up Day  Improve their neighborhood by cleaning it up. $500 for each Neighborhood Association in District 3 to assist with the payment for a dumpster. It can be a great opportunity for people to walk through their neighborhood and clean up the streets. Additionally, the rental of the dumpster can be for the residents to rid their homes of trash without throwing it outside or dumping it elsewhere. District 3
61 Roundabout with Marked Crosswalk  Walk and drive through the area without risking their safety. Currently, Horning St is used as a short cut during traffic hours to get from 10th St to Freeway 101. Vehicles zoom by at dangerous speeds. Homes are located on both sides of Horning St with children crossing on unmarked intersections. A tragedy is waiting to happen.   Horning and 11th
62  Bike lanes between N Autumn & Almaden Ave Bike safely between the Guadalupe River Trail / Little Italy and San Pedro Square/downtown via St. John-Almaden Blvd-Carlysle St. Increasing the number of safe bike connections around downtown decreases incidents/accidents and the reliance on cars. This is a win for residents–by increasing comfortable mobility options–and for the city–by deferring needed expenditures on more expensive transportation infrastructure while increasing connections between residents and parks and businesses. between N Autumn & Almaden Ave
63  Crosswalk on Alma at the East Corner of Mastic Cross safely. Alma Center, which includes the Senior Center and Youth Center is on one side of Alma and the DMV is on the other side. Alma is a very busy street. I see so many children, Adults and Seniors cross in that area. I feel if there was a crosswalk there again it would be much safer for all who cross in this area. Alma and Mastic
64 A Trail Map Sign at the Story Road entrance to the Coyote Meadows trail showing the way over the trestle and another sign at the Olinder Park spot on the trail.   be more aware of the trail which is available now, but will be even better in a few years after a currently development plan is completed. The signage and map at the Story Road end is especially needed to help community members find a safe walking location now that the nearby SJSU track site is no longer open to the public. This end of the trail could also benefit from an attractive sign that joins with the painted utility box to continue efforts to overcome some of the drabness of that section of Story road. The signs at both ends of this section of trail would let people near Story Rd know they have a pathway to Olinder Park and let the Olinder Park people know they have a pathway that gets them close to Happy Hollow. The map signs could be both educational and beautiful. Story Road and Olinder Park spots on Coyote Meadows Trail
65 Bike path from Naglee Park to Happy Hollow bike safely from downtown neighborhoods to Happy Hollow. Kelley Park/Happy Hollow.
66 Childrens Play Area at William Street Park Create a family friendly environment in what is a beautiful and enormous park. Encourage more local families to utilize the park and make Naglee Park an even more family friendly neighborhood. William Street Park
67 Historic Street Murals at St. James Park I love the street murals in place on 4th Street at SJSU. Would love to see some similar art added at major intersections around St. James Park to highlight the history and community aspect of the park. For example, at St. James and 1st and 3rd; on St. John at 1st and 3rd. St James Park
68 Install sexy lights on Seventh between the North and South SJSU Campuses. routinely walk to SJSU’s “”south campus”” for games and other activities. Use pedestrian lights that make the trip festive and safe. 7th between SJSU North and South Campuses
69 Sound Baffles under Hwy 87 at Delmas relax outdoors and chat instead of having to stop while trucks roar along 87 -or- cars accelerate up the 87 on ramp at Auzerais -or- cars fly down Delmas to beat the light -or- motorcycles rumble along Auzerais with the bottom side of 87 echoing their noise in all directions. under 87 at Delmas
70 Install chair lift or ramp at ACT for Mental Health facility for ADA accessibility enter the ACT facility, which is on the 2nd floor, without climbing the narrow stairs. This non-profit agency treats clients from all over the county in this City-owned building at 441 Park Ave, but the only access is a narrow set of stairs. A chair lift would carry wheelchair-bound and other disabled clients up the stairs to the facility. 441 Park Avenue
71 Make the downtown core a no right on red zone Within the downtown core, promote walkability and protect pedestrians by eliminating the potential conflict between pedestrians, who have a legal crossing, and drivers, who are looking out for cross-traffic, not pedestrians. Downtown
72 Close northbound Market between San Carlos and San Fernando Bringing back an idea from the last round of D3D: expand the Plaza de Cesar Chavez by routing north-bound traffic on S. Market to the westerly side of the plaza, allowing only drop-off, taxi, and emergency traffic on the easterly side of the plaza. Plaza de Cesar Chavez
73  SPA: Una beca para las escuelas.

ENG: A scholorship for schools.

SPA: para mejorar el alumbrado en la escuela sobre todo el area de las canchas. Para ejercer el deporte y seguridad en la escuela

ENG: To improve lighting in schools in the grass area. To improve sports and public safety at school.

District 3


74 We need more light by Prevost Street & Minnesota be safe Provost Street and Minnesota
75 Embossed Crosswalks at intersection of William Street and McLaughlin/ 24th walk. William Street and S 24th (McLaughlin)
76 More lights in Campbell  Melbourne Blvd
77  To add more lighting in the streets and also more sports at schools.  So the kids don’t get stuck inside and so they can have more lighting when they are walking out at night.  6th and Bestor (??)
78  Dress up Discovery Dog Park   Have a better experience in a nicer dog park, including artificial turf, clean water fountains, better lighting, nice pick-up bag stations, and an overall trim and clean-up.  Discovery Dog Park
79 Bassett Street Bikeway between N 1st and Autumn Pkwy/Guadalupe River Trail   easily access the GRT and the retail on Coleman by bike from downtown.  between N 1st and Autumn Pkwy/Guadalupe River Trail
80 Installation of speed bumps in the Hyde Park district of San Jose  Currently, with the increased traffic on N 1st at Taylor through Burton Ave, N 2nd st is used as a thoroughfare for travel. Despite the roundabouts installed, traffic well exceeds the speed limit throughout the day. My spouse was already hit pulling out of the drive way, and I have seen two pedestrians struck on their bikes. This is a serious concern as there is no policing of this area and the traffic continues to increase, therefore the risk of accidents and pedestrian injury rises.   2nd Street
81 Paint Ls and Ts on 19th St between E. Julian and Washington park more efficiently. Parking is limited and it is made worse when one car takes up the space that two cars could utilize. 19th St between E. Julian and Washington
82 Small Children’s Park and Community Orchard on City-Owned Lot at Gifford and Park Avenues enjoy fresh fruits year-round. With as few as 5-6 citrus trees, we can enjoy 12 months of citrus.  This would have the added benefit of greening the neighborhood. lot at Gifford and Park Avenue
83 Consider roundabout at S Montgomery-S Autumn Street merge in preparation for Autumn Parkway and making Autumn bi-directional Allows cars to safely and efficiently self-navigate the intersection of these two streets without requiring the inherent inefficiencies of yet another traffic signal along this strip. S Montgomery at S Autumn Street
84 Protected (Class IV) Bike Lane on Bird/Mongtomery/Autumn (Currently nonexistent north of 280) to St. John/GRT Cyclists commuting from Willow Glen and Delmas Park to Diridon and San Fernando/downtown are not given any lane markings at all and must ride between parked cars (and the danger of dooring) and 45-55 MPH traffic. This is unsafe and discouraging to bicycle ridership.   Bird/Mongtomery/Autumn north of 280 to St. John
85  Protected (Class IV) Bike Lane on Almaden Blvd (Currently Class II,  Unprotected)  With housing going in around San Pedro Square and in North San Pedro (following the re-gridding of the streets) and jobs to the south (Adobe, the Lew Wolff proposal on San Fernando, #Diridon etc.), it is important to provide a safe alternative to driving such a short distance. Walking is one option, but if you want to bike, you have to use unprotected bike lanes  This can be solved by installing a Class IV bike lane, with options including buffers, bollards, or moving the bike lane inboard of the parking lane.alongside 30-55 MPH traffic. This is unsafe.

This can be solved by installing a Class IV bike lane, with options including buffers, bollards, or moving the bike lane inboard of the parking lane.

Almaden Blvd.
86 Build a pedestrian paseo connecting W St. John (and the N San Pedro developments) with St. James Park and the Light Rail stations People like straight lines and they like to be able to see their destination. Wayfinding 101. With so many new residents coming to NSP, it’s in the best interest of the city to make it as easy as possible for residents to get around without a car.  W St. John and St. James Park and Light Rail stations
87 Wider sidewalks with protected bike lanes on Bird Ave over 280 This is the main/only walking route between Delmas Park and the elementary school, but it is decidedly unsafe for pedestrians. Bird Avenue over 280
88 Mid-crossing pedestrian refuge on Almaden Blvd at Woz Almaden is a very wide road. Crossing is not easy. Almaden Blvd. at Woz Way
89 Improved lighting on N Almaden under 87 This undercrossing is seriously and dangerously dark. How are we supposed to weave together Little Italy and the North San Pedro developments with this barrier in between? N Almaden under 87
90 Solar-powered phone chargers at major pedestrian locations (Plaza de Cesar Chavez)  This was explored at year 1 of D3D. Battery low? Need a quick boost? Prefer that those who are homeless don’t break open utility boxes to charge their devices? This could be your solution. Plaza de Cesar Chavez
91 Solar-powered phone chargers at major pedestrian locations (Discovery Meadow) This was explored at year 1 of D3D. Battery low? Need a quick boost? Prefer that those who are homeless don’t break open utility boxes to charge their devices? This could be your solution. Discovery Meadow
92  Ultra-high-reflectivity \ flags\  (see Volvo’s Life Paint) for pedestrians using the Gifford crosswalk across Park Avenue This is a quick and dirty solution to making for a safer crosswalk in a growing neighborhood across a heavily used roadway. Gifford crosswalk across Park Avenue
93  Ultra-high-reflectivity \ flags\  (see Volvo’s Life Paint) for pedestrians using the Josefa crosswalk across W San Carlos This is a quick and dirty solution to making for a safer crosswalk in a growing neighborhood across a major arterial roadway. Josefa crosswalk across W San Carlos
94  Solar trash compactor at the Plaza de Cesar Chavez In year 1 of D3D, we explored the idea of solar-powered trash compactors at major pedestrian  Plaza de Cesar Chavez
95 Solar trash compactor at the CDM  In year 1 of D3D, we explored the idea of solar-powered trash compactors at major pedestrian locations.  CDM
96  Better accommodations for pedestrians at Auzerais and Woz At this corner, there are no gates or swing-arms that come down. And cars have a wide radius to follow from Auzerais on to Woz. Despite being a major walking route for Discovery Museum visitors, and, worse, despite so many of those visitors being children, this is a particularly dangerous place for pedestrians. Auzerais and Woz
97  Build \ bulb-outs\  at Auzerais at Gifford Auzerais is used as a back route to the 87 southbound onramp. Traffic flows at a high speed. This is an environment that is dangerous for pedestrians. Auzerais at Gifford
98  Build \ bulb-outs\  at Auzerais at Gifford Auzerais is used as a back route to the 87 southbound onramp. Traffic flows at a high speed. This is an environment that is dangerous for pedestrians. Auzerais at Josefa
99  Build a public park at Gifford & W San Carlos  Delmas Park is surrounded by great public amenities, but is also surrounded by physical barriers to those amenties–87, 280, Bird/Caltrain–and has few amenities within its boundaries. Gifford & W San Carlos
100  Improve lighting/uplimb trees on W San Carlos in front of Discovery Meadow It’s seriously dark at night. We want people to be able to walk safely between burgeoning Delmas Park and downtown.  W San Carlos in front of Discovery Meadow
101  Improve lighting on W San Carlos under Highway 87. Walk safely between burgeoning Delmas Park and downtown  W San Carlos under Highway 87
102  Improve the Appearance and Usability of Discovery Dog Park feel better about using the dog park at Park Ave and Delmas Ave. Currently the dog park is either a mud hole during the rainy season or a dusty, dirty place during the dry season. It is very uninviting, and it does compare to the new Del Monte Dog Park or Hart’s Dog Park. Discovery Dog Park
103  Upgrade Lighting in Discovery Dog Park feel safer using the dog park at Park Ave and Delmas Ave at night. Even installing string lights would be a major improvement. The 2 or 3 lights that are currently there are not sufficient.  Discovery Dog Park
104  Underpass Mural on the 7th street exit. I would like to see a mural that depicts a bit of history about the neighborhood under the overpass ramp that is constantly getting graffiti on it. I would love to see a mural that either depicts some history about \ Speed City\  connecting to SJSU history. Have a better sense of place as they exit the Spartan Keyes Neighborhood. Also, I believe a mural(s) would help prevent our ongoing graffiti problem there.   7th Street Exit and 280.
105 Convert Vine Street to a one-way street walk safely and cars can slow down. Vine Street
106  Traffic Control Signals by Washington Elementary; Mas somaforos en el Parque. So that people can: Cross and walk safely. Washington Elementary
107  fix holes in sidewalk safety get our of their cars and go to school, without falling or tripping in the holes in sidewalk Illinois Avenue
108  Test marking parking spaces in neighborhoods Parking is an issue. Often people mark in unmarked areas in such a way that the number of spaces is reduced. Run a test of marking out parking spaces in a neighborhood, similar to what is done downtown, to see if it improves marking and reduces stress. N 33rd Between E St James and Alum Rock
109  Create a community garden   A community garden would take this open space and leverage it to grow food that can then be donated to the shelters that are being built in the downtown area to help feed those trying to get back on their feet. A community garden will unite neighbors and take an open space used for illegal drug use and turn it into something beautiful and useful. First Street Open Space
110  solar street lights near each of  District 3’s new  welcome to the neighborhood signs possibly mounted on existing telephone poles to cut down on cost of installation This addition to our district’s lighting would contribute to public safety at night. Also by illuminating the neighborhood signs it would contribute to art and culture and provide a sense of identity and pride for each of the district’s neighborhoods. The solar approach would be cost efficient in the long run, no on going energy cost once the lights are installed and if existing telephone posts are utilized that should help reduce installation costs. By starting with these few locations this project could be a pilot program for how solar lighting could be utilized in the future, perhaps for blocks that have no lighting at all. District 3 Neighborhoods
111 Re-Paint Brenda Lopez’s Quote at Brenda Lopez Memorial Plaza Be proud of a past community hero who was an inspiration to the children of the Guadalupe-Washington Community. Over time, the quote has faded away, which was engraved at the center of the plaza. Brenda Lopex Memorial Park
112  SPA: 3-4 letreros alrededor de la Biblioteca Latinoamericana y el Centro de Jovenes que diga \ no fumar, tomar,  o urinar

ENG: Place  3-4 signs around the Washington Library and the Youth Center.

SPA: Para que las personas sepan que no deven fumar, tomar alcol, or urinar alrededor de lost edificios.

ENG: So that people know that they should not be smoking, drinking alcohol, or urinating around the buildings.

Washington Library and the Youth Center.
113 Dos bandas de Frenados en la Willow Street (uno entre las calles Palm y la Locust; Otro entre la Almaden y la Calle Prospect)  SPA: para que los caros manejen despacio.

ENG: So that the cars can slow down when they’re driving.

Willow Street Between Palm and Locust
114 Un crosswalk en Graham Street SPA: para que las families puedan caminar sin ir hasta en fin de Graham, onde empiesa la Willow Street. Las Familias ya cruzan ilegalmente porque no hay in crosswalk para llegar a Mastic Street.

ENG: So that Families can cross safely. Families w/ their children are already crossing illegally because the closest crosswalk is all the way at the end of Graham, where willow Street begins.

Graham Street
115  Continue the Hedding Street bike lanes Southwest Actually use these lanes to get all the way to school or work. Right now the lanes stop right where the real dangers begin, as cars begin racing for freeway ramps off Coleman and right before the intimidating overpass of the train tracks. Hedding Street
116  Start a street tree insurance fund   Get funds to help when required street trees break sidewalks, curbs, or cause other damage. Right now the rule says every property needs a tree, but the city charges homeowners for all tree damage to pavement and doesn’t enforce the tree rule, so street-wise homeowners frequently ignore the rule and leave blank concrete in front of their yard, making our streets less welcoming places, but cheaper for the homeowner. District 3
117 Paint parking T-marks Make more neighborly use of curb spaces long enough for 2 cars but too frequently filled with just one car. A small bit of paint teaches people to be better neighbors. Streets that are commonly jammed with parking could use these at every curb space that’s over 25′ long or so. 13th between Empire and Washington
118  Add a Westbound bikeway on Basset St Use this short 1-way block to connect between 2nd street and the excellent bike connection through the County offices to Julian and the Guadalupe trail. Cyclists currently use this every morning, just riding the wrong way and surprising the bus drivers. Bassett Street
119 Add a ramp connection to the Guadalupe trail Get from the Ryland/Vendome neighborhood safely to the Guadalupe trail without having to cross the freeway monstrosity which is Coleman Ave. Right now people must either cross Coleman or cross the creek – there’s no direct access to the most pedestrian- and bike-friendly streets near here. Guadalupe Trail
120  Synchronize lights on 10th-11th at 20mph Reliably get green lights while traveling a safer urban speed. Post signs saying (“green lights sync’ed to 20mph”) and watch everyone slow down. Right now traffic speeds are 30mph+ as everyone races to catch the greens. Do this on existing 1-way streets 10th-11th between Keyes and Hedding and 3rd-4th Keyes and Taylor. 10th-11th between Keyes and Hedding and 3rd-4th Keyes and Taylor
121  Improve Mobile City Hall Use the Mobile City Hall app whether or not they live in District 1. (Right now this app is the best way to reach city services from a mobile device, but it doesn’t seem actively updated and it officially says it’s only for District 1, so it turns a lot of people away even though it does work everywhere.) District 3
122 Replace or repair excercise equipmwent in Gardner Center Two out of three treadmill machines are not functioning. One out of two stationary bikes is out of order. This would restore order in the exercise room and make people happier.   Gardner Center
123 Make Street signs and Traffic signs visible  Cutting or pruning the bushes and tree branches where they block the view of the signs, so the people could see them better. this would make driving safer in the neighborhood.  Minor Avenue between Willis Ave and W. Virginia St
124  Traffic Calming Speed Bumbs  Mind the speed limit down Sunol Street as it is one of the few through streets towards 280. Speeding is frequent after arena events and the neighborhood has many pedestrians. Sunol Street between Auzerais and W. San Carlos
125 Additional Lighting Under the Coleman Bridge at Ryland Street/Park Drive be more safe as they cross the street at night. Help motorists more clearly see pedestrians crossing the street. Also deters crime and highlights the unique ivy growth that exists on the bridge columns. Ryland Street and park Drive
126 Landscape Fire Station #3 located at 98 Martha St be motivated to improve their homes and businesses. The fire station looks somewhat blighted with no type of landscaping. A new paint job and some type of greenery would improve the area and make walking there more enjoyable and also improve the surrounding neighborhood.  98 Martha St
127 Close northbound access to So. 12th St Stop cutting through this residential area to cut over to northbound S. 11th street or access hwy 280 through the side street. S 12th Street
128 Install signs at intersections informing bicyclist that they must obey traffic rules(stoping at red lights and stop signs) Many bicyclist do not know that they are required to stop at stop signs and red lights and this puts them in danger of being hit by a vehicle.
These signs would remind them what the law is so they can be a safer bicyclist.
S 17th and E. San Antonio St
129 Paint murals on the telephone/fiber optics boxes on the NE corner of N 17th and E Santa Clara street. These boxes are consistently tagged with graffiti. By painting them with a mural they will no longer be a target. That will help with the blight around that part of the neighborhood. NE corner of N 17th and E Santa Clara street
130 Provide a $20,000 Grant to Backesto Park Community Center for  a Childrens Restrooms So Children can have a clean safe restroom to use inside the community center. The restroom would be available to all children in the park when the center is open. Permission to convert the storage room to a restroom has been granted. We need funding. Backesto Park Community Center
131 Complete or move toward completing pedestrian lighting in the Reed Historic District The Reed Historic Landmark District covers approximatly 15 blocks between SJSU and Hwy 280. Six the blocks have pedestrian lights. Complete S. 6th by lighting the 600 block which also takes in the west side Lowell Elementary School which is open nights for sports. Light 3 blocks S. 7th between SJSU and Hwy 280 which also lights the east side of Lowell School. That leaves two blocks of Margaret between S 7th and S. 9th, two blocks of S. Reed between S. 4th and S. 6th and two blocks of S. 5th between Margaret and William. The additinal lighting will make it safer for children and adults who use Lowell Elementary School at night. Additional lighting will make it safer for SJSU students who live on these streets as well as the other residents. S. 7th was to be done before the recession when the money went away. Reed Historic District
132 Increase availabilty of Wifi Everyone living or visiting in the Heart of Silicon Valley with a device capable of getting on the internet will have free Wifi access. This would benefit almost everyone especially low-income who cannot afford to pay a monthly fee. District 3
133 Install new pedestrian lighting and repair existing pedestrian lighting along both sides of E. Santa Clara St. between 1st St and Coyote Creek walk safely and avoid criminal activity that occurs in dark spots along that street.
Additioal Comment from originator:
Vehicle lighting along the roadway is fine but does not adequately light the sidewalks where people walk. Businesses suffer from criminal activity and vandalism without adequate lighting at their storefronts. Neighbors do not use the street for short walking trips downtown because they fear for their safety. Even during the daylight hours the sidewalks are spoiled with defecation, urine, and litter.
E. Santa Clara St. between 1st St and Coyote Creek
134 $5,000  technology grant for San Jose youth commission to purchase laptops that can be reused by future youth commisioners. So that all youth commissioners have access to a computer if they need it. District 3
135 $7,000 grant for each youth program at community centers. Funds would be for  infrastructure improvements (summer program supplies, furniture, technology, games, etc.) So that our youth spend their time in appealing safe space. District 3 Community Centers
136 $7,000 grant for community center enhancements related to technology & art. utilize a center that works. Leninger Community Center and others
137 Install improved lighting under the Hwy 87 overpass at Park Ave. more safely and confidently walk along Park Ave at night. The existing lighting is very dim. This results in a scary situation right on the edge of Downtown and on a major pathway towards Diridon and the Arena. Perhaps this will be new lighting fixtures or maybe just brighter bulbs. Whatever works. under the Hwy 87 overpass at Park Ave.
138 Big Welcome to \ X\  signs for major parks in District 3 ( Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park & St. James Park) identify the importance of these big parks. Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park & St. James Park
139 $1,500 grant to all community centers in District 3 to purchase decor for recognized holidays. Decor must be reusable for following years. be inclined to go and utilize community center and its services / programs. District 3 Community Centers
140 Install flags on 4 existing flagpoles on Park Ave enjoy the view of flags waving in the breeze at Park Ave and the Guadalupe River Park. These flagpoles have been empty for several years; it’s time to get flags back onto them. Park Avenue
141 Plant trees in the City owned vacant lot on the west side of the S. 4th St. onramp to Hwy 280. See green trees instead of a vacant lot as they enter Hwy 87 on S. Fourth St. This lot is fenced but is often littered. Trees will help the environment and make the vacant lot more pleasant to drive or walk by. vacant lot on the west side of the S. 4th St. on ramp to Hwy 280.
142  Diagonal cross walk San Fernando and 4th St and maybe more at other busy dangerous crosswalks downtown for safety of pedestrians walking.  All traffic lights at the intersection would s top at the same time.  No one driving move and all pedestrians no matter which way they were crossing the street could cross at the same time.  This is done in busy intersection in other cities.  I have seen in in Oakland China Town area People would feel more confident crossing the st and cars would not be able to turn into walking traffic. Right now during busy times cars will cut people out and I have seen many people almost getting struck by a vehicle San Fernando and 4th St
143 Complete stop signs on every corner at St. James & Julian Street between 4th and 17th Streets Walk safely. St. James & Julian Street between 4th and 17th Streets
144 Add solar panels to Gardner Community Center offset energy use at community center Gardner Community Center
145  Add public wifi to Gardner Community Center have access to internet, complete homework after school Gardner Community Center
146 Trash can on pedestian walk way throw away trash while walking on path between Bird Ave and W William St. path between Bird Ave and W William St.
147 Gardner Academy sound wall sound wall is needed between Gardner Academy and 280 HWY to cut down noise during school hours Gardner Academy
148 Extend Guadalupe Trail have a continuous to 87 bikeway Guadalupe Trail
149 A new sound system for the Gardner Community Center use the sound system and listen to audio whenever classes or events are happening. Gardner Community Center
150 New Basketball Hoops and rims for the basketball courts at Biebrach Park. Kids can play basketball. Biebrach Park
151 A Skate Park behind the Gardner Community Center Skate. Gardner Community Center
152 Put speed bumps on West Virginia Street (beginning from Bird Avenue to Delmas Avenue),  nearest to Gardner School and Gardner Community Center. could be safe and make the area safe for children and families. West Virginia Street (beginning from Bird Avenue to Delmas Avenue)
153 Traffic Lights at Washington and 10th / 11th Many accidents happen at these intersections – 10th and 11th streets should be fully covered by traffic lights from Hedding all the way to Reed. The existing lights, where they do exist, are timed well. Typically, the lights turn green as you approach them. This pattern should be continued up and down the streets. at Washington and 10th / 11th
154 D3 Beautification Day Fund a District wide beautification day, bring the community together to clean, paint, restore and beautify our district. District 3
155 Parking Permits Owning a car is the American way. It helps stimulate our economy. Our economy is great right now because it is a challenge to find a place to park. Most of the parking spaces have abandoned vehicles or vehicles that belong on the property; owners have parking on their property but they park on the street anyway.

My suggestion is to implement a parking permits for owners and renters. The owner of the vehicle would have to register their vehicle and prove that they have insurance; plus prove residency. Also, if a owner or renter live in place with X amount of rooms, then the legal amount of people that place can occupy can only receive parking permits.

This will help our neighborhood, and neighbors, to live more comfortably without having to worry if they are going to have a parking space when they get home.

E Taylor and N. 11th
156 Install fence along 22nd street to enable parks staff to close the park at night Feel safer in the neighborhood 22nd Street @ Watson Park
157 Install new railing and a new floor on the old railroad trestle crossing coyote creek at Story Road for safe access to the coyote creek trail. Coyote CreekTrail – coyote creek at Story Road
158 Better lighting (motion activated) & camera at Joyce Ellington Library’s parking lot be discouraged to use the area to dump debris (often hazardous construction material) next to an elementary school. Until the next garbage pick-up date, the hazardous material is left unsecured on City property with young children nearby, thereby endangering children and posing a liability for the City.

Also, when community evening meetings end late or staff leaves late, additional lighting would improve safety. I also see individuals with their laptops or phone using the free wi-fi after hours so better lighting would help with their safety too.

Joyce Ellington Library
159 Center barrier on Julian St Traffic between San Jose High and hwy 101 is very bad at peak times. This is exacerbated by jaywalkers and drivers who make unsafe left turns into the side streets and strip malls. Erecting a barrier in the middle of the street would limit turns and crossings to the protected intersections, making traffic safer and smoother for everyone. Julian Street
160 Fund a Neighborhood Trash Collection Day Similar to what the city of Santa Clara does annually, set a date when everyone in D3 can set out large items for collection. This will decrease littering/dumping, and encourage recycling (in my experience, many of the items are collected by private individuals before the garbage trucks get them). District 3
161 Round about and brick cross walk 25th and East St. James is a busy intersection. I propose a round about and brick cross walks. This is Curently a two way stop. During drop off and pick up for the high school there is heavy traffic and speeding teens. As well as morning and eve traffic because 101 entrance is so close. This also tends to be a way rouge get away cars zip through to avoid police in a chase. There is two dips in the road at the two way stop and many do not stop and bottom out their cars. We have many hit and run accidents. Drivers are not stopping and being surprised by the road dips and swerving into parked cars. fortunately no one has been hurt only cars and fences. The brick cross walk should match the new cross walk on 24th & East Saint James which makes the neighborhood look beautiful. 25th and East St. James
162 Coyote creek biking/walking trail I would like to see a bike/ walking path next to Coyote Creek to include and connect Watson park, Rosevelt park, Olinder park thru Kelly Park. This will help children and families have a safe way to get to Head Start, SJUSD Preschool, Empire elementary, Olinder Elementry, Sunrise Middle and San Jose High. While provideing families a work out path from park to park which are already family oriented and need more use. This may even cut down on parking and traffic. May discourage homeless from living there is it is used. Coyote Creek
163 Resurface track at Biebrach Park To increase exercise stops in the area. Biebrach Park
164 Permit parking for roosevelt neighborhood Reduce dumping of vehicles and reduce congestion of vehicles. Roosevelt Neighborhood
165 Lighted Walkway at Carneigie Library Crosswalk,  crossing at 23rd & E. Santa Clara street. So that drivers can easily identify crosswalks by the use of vibrant colors. For the painting include library themes. 23rd & E. Santa Clara street
166 Art Crosswalk at 23rd Street & E. Santa Clara street Be able to cross to the library and/ or the bus stop 23rd Street & E. Santa Clara street
167 Lighting for the Spartan-Keyes neighborhood welcome sign A neighborhood welcome sign for Spartan Keyes Neighborhood  is going to be installed at the bottom of the South Seventh St off ramp (at the corner of E Virginia and S Sixth St) from southbound Interstate 280.

I would like to see that sign illuminated after dark so that motorists, especially truckers, realize that they are no longer on the the freeway, that they are entering a residential neighborhood and they should slow down and obey the posted speed limits.

The exact type of lighting is not necessarily an issue, but I would like to see energy efficient, long lasting lighting, such as LED, used here. There are several sources of electricity available withing a few feet of the sign’s location, however it seems like solar lighting might be a better idea here. I would strongly recommend protecting both the sign and its lighting from being run over and destroyed by errant drivers with some sort of barricade or bollards.

An example of a solar lighted neighborhood sign can be seen
here: http://www.mrsolar.com/content/images/IMG_0196.jpg

Corner of E Virginia and S Sixth St)
168 Dog Park/Lighted Walkway under 280 Overpass Walk their dogs, meet other neighbors, feel safe when walking under the overpass to go to/from the center of downtown. Also, to give the space a meaning, as currently it is a constant magnet for trash and encampments. Lighting and dogs with their owners would keep these things from happening. 3rd Street under 280
169 Bicycle lane overpass for Taylor St. Ride safely over the 101. There is currently no shoulder and it’s very dangerous for cyclists where there’s a bicycle lane on either side of the over pass, just not on that particular stretch up & over a highway. Plus, the BART station that’s going in will need better access for cyclist commuters, so why not widen the road and make it safer for all? Taylor @ 101
170 Traffic Calming/speed bump Travel safely North on S. 12th Street from Keyes to Martha. This street is heavily used already by San Jose Water. During rush hour, many cars trying to go North on 11th to I-280 will avoid the 3-5 block backup and speed rapidly down S 12th. There are several large apartments and multifamily residences with kids up and down the two blocks.

A similar calming program was put into effect for S. 9th Street already.

12th Street from Keyes to Martha.
171 Doggy Bag Supply for all District 3 parks that currently have doggy bag containers maintain park cleanliness District 3 parks
172 Light the Way. Light the underpass under Hwy 280 on S. 7th Street. Even better,  do it in an artistic fashion.  SJSU colors perhaps? For safer walking at night. 280 at 7th street
173 Hire more police Feel safe in their homes. District 3
174 Turf at the dog park? Return to the dog park. I think we have learned standard grass isn’t very durable for a dog park. Maybe decomposed granite and areas of artificial grass are more durable? Or a hardy ground cover that can take advantage of the reclaimed water sprinkler system. Watson Park
175 Slow School Zone and Park Signage or Rumble strips Feel safe walking to Empire Elementary and Watson Park. Crossing guards do a great job during school hours, but there is still a lot of foot traffic outside of those hours and on weekend. Cars often ignore or don’t see people in crosswalk speeding through them. Empire Elementary and Watson Park
176 Cutting trees/lighting See and feel safe at night and early mornings. There is a bus stop here and many people walk down 2nd st to get there. 2nd and E San Salvador
177 Make it more visible for outgoing traffic entering Auzerais Ave. add 4 way stop signs on this busy street. Exiting Josefa St. is a torture after 5:00 pm because of commuters using Auzerais to enter to highway 87 etc. Not fear getting in car accidents, and cars will drive at a slower speed on Auzerais Ave. Entering Auzerais / Exiting Josefa
178 Hire the Homeless. There are many homeless people in downtown San Jose. I see them all of the time when I walk to and from MLK library. Several of them stay regularly at Saint James Park and at North First Streets, and beyond.
Hire the homeless. Give them a purpose and pay them accordingly to sweep and clean their streets. It will give them self-worth, self-respect, and their own money without having to beg for cash. Help them feel like human beings.
179 Install LED street lighting from on N13th street Backesto Park to E Hedding/ Oakland Road Feel safer walking around the 13th street area. If lighting is improved it can potentially deter crime and blight and encourage more neighborhood friendly business to evolve along 13th street. N13th street Backesto Park to E Hedding/ Oakland Road
180 Basic or Art Crosswalk on 24th @ St. John and St James stop speeding so much and pedestrians, including SJHS Students, could cross safely and residents could leave their homes safely. 24th @ St. John and St James
181 Art Crosswalks @ 23rd Street / E. Santa Clara be more visible to traffic and could cross safely from bus stop to Carnegie Library. The Art on the Crosswalk could be related to the classics: Little Red Riding Hood, Dr. Seuss, The Grinch, Pooh Bear, etc. @ 23rd Street / E. Santa Clara
182 Underground Utilities on Jackson Street,  along Watson Park Enjoys the views of the trees and hills, and allow the existing black walnut trees to grow. Jackson Street along Watson Park
183 A bird net under the Fuller Street bridge Avoid looking at dead pigeons on the ground. Fuller Street Bridge
184 basketball court play basketball together E San Fernando and 4th
185 Backesto Park Jog/walk path Jog or walk around the vicinity of the park without utilizing the grass or sidewalk. Backesto Park

2015-2016 D3decides Submissions

The final list of ideas selected for voting can be found here.

My Idea is… So that people can… D3 Location
1 Install self-service newspaper kiosks to consolidate print material distribution remove proliferation of newspaper/magazine dispensers which look junky and clutter sidewalks. could also have video loop for nearby points of interest. North 1st Street
2 Paint murals on Hwy 280 underpasses at S. 1st and S. 3rd street to make those underpasses pedestrian friendly, especially at night, to deter graffiti and trash/rubbish dumping. Margaret Street
3 Commission Lighting – Art Project for 280 Appreciate and Feel Pride of the Neighborhood with safety enhancement. Sinclair Freeway
4 Hwy 101 Overpass Artwork #1: Julian St.-McKee Rd @ Hwy 101 Boost community pride as residents travel over the Hwy 101 overpass. This overpass is (one out of three) symbolic areas for the City of San Jose. If traveling east it represents the gateway to the eastern section of the City, and if traveling west a gateway to the downtown core. Artwork would visually enhance a pedestrian friendly crossing and hopefully curb graffiti applied to bridge area.

Comment: Dee Barragan – Idea placed incorrect area due to map placement complication.

Bayshore Freeway
5 Hwy 101 Overpass Artwork #3: San Antonio Street @ Hwy 101 Boost community pride as residents travel over the Hwy 101 overpass. This overpass is (one out of three) symbolic areas for the City of San Jose. If traveling east it represents the gateway to the eastern section of the City, and if traveling west a gateway to the downtown core. Artwork would visually enhance a pedestrian friendly crossing and hopefully curb graffiti applied to bridge area. Bayshore Freeway
6 Hwy 101 Overpass Artwork #2: Santa Clara Street – Alum Rock Ave @ Hwy 101 Boost community pride as residents travel over the Hwy 101 overpass. This overpass is (one out of three) symbolic areas for the City of San Jose. If traveling east it represents the gateway to the eastern section of the City, and if traveling west a gateway to the downtown core. Artwork would visually enhance a pedestrian friendly crossing and hopefully curb graffiti applied to bridge area. Alum Rock Avenue
7 Hwy 101 Overpass Artwork #1: Julian-McKee @ Hwy 101 Boost community pride as residents travel over the Hwy 101 overpass. This overpass is (one out of three) symbolic areas for the City of San Jose. If traveling east it represents the gateway to the eastern section of the City, and if traveling west a gateway to the downtown core. Artwork would visually enhance a pedestrian friendly crossing and hopefully curb graffiti applied to bridge area. Bayshore Freeway
8 D3 Pride Award Strive to beautify their public spaces, business storefronts or community gathering centers and highlight the positive improvements in the community. South Market Street
9 Subsidize or assist residents in installing Little Free Libraries around the neighborhoods Neighbors will share books freely. Kids can find a book around their neighborhood. These little libraries will encourage a literacy-friendly neighborhood. Website here. North 2nd Street
10 Add art murals on underpasses in D3. Locations could be First St./880, Taylor/Caltrain overpass, 280/10th & 11th Streets. Pedestrians would benefit most from these outside art murals. Motorist would be treated to some eye candy as they drive along.

Sample web sites: here or here.

South 6th Street
11 Add art murals on underpasses in D3. Locations could be First St./880, Taylor/Caltrain overpass, 280/10th & 11th Streets. Pedestrians would benefit most from these outside art murals. Motorist would be treated to some eye candy as they drive along.

Sample web sites: here or here.

North 1st Street
12 Install Signage to Mark the Lakehouse Historic District learn about the historic district. The Lakehouse District is a collection of Victorian style homes in a small area between Downtown and Diridon. Thousands of people walk, bike, and drive through this area every day, but no one knows that it is a historic district. It is also the site of the former home of Irene Dalis, San Jose’s own mezzo-soprano superstar and founder of Opera San Jose. West San Fernando Street
13 Commission art-project to beautify ALL street-electric/facility-boxes in D3. Neighbors can be proud of the community and property values increase. Bestor Street
14 Commission art-project to beautify ALL street-electric/facility-boxes in D3. Neighbors can be proud of the community and property values increase. Martha Street
15 Rebuild the Electric Light Tower residents can experience a historic milestone for San Jose.  Example here.

Comment: Pete Kolstad – I absolutely love this idea. Should it be a true replica? Or should the design be updated with modern touches — both stylistic and technological.  Any value to someone if this is a cell tower? How about if it projected stuff on the street below? What kind of functions could generate both construction and operations funding?

Comment: Andrew T – Personally, a full replica would be the way to go, so that it is an accurate representation of the original. To that end, I’d worry that cellular antennae would be both obvious and ugly.  Modern lenses would allow light to be projected axially along the streets instead of radially, blasting the neighboring buildings with bright light.

1 South Market Street
16 Commission Lighting-Art-Projects for 280 Underpasses at 10th & 11th. residents can appreciate and feel pride of the Neighborhood in addition to enhance safety Sinclair Freeway
17 Commission Art Project to paint Utility Boxes at 9th & Martha residents can appreciate and feel pride of the Neighborhood Martha Street
18 Art Boxes in the Julian-St. James/Northside/Horace-Mann neighborhoods feel a refreshed sense of pride and joy in walking around their neighborhood, and encourage community participation in designing public art. North 14th Street
19 A Community Mural for Las Plumas Avenue Boost Community Pride and Spirit. This section of Las Plumas Avenue is a illegal dumping hotspot. Neighborhood “TLC” is needed. Las Plumas Avenue
20 Study ways to fund affordable housing for SJSU students/faculty. live to work/study near the school without paying exorbitant rates. As a by-product, chase out the blood-sucking landlords and get the school to buy the properties. Have a long term plan to create a “Professorville” south of the University to restore and preserve the historic homes. (I’ll post under Culture since nothing else fits.) East William Street
21 Install 3-D Sidewalk Art Gallery Enjoy incredible optically illusions as the walk around our city, increase tourism, invest in the arts in a very accessible way.  Example here.

Comment: Kay Emerson – Sorry for the typos – should read: Enjoy incredible optical illusions as they walk around our city…

Comment: Pete Kolstad – Great idea and a riff on the Luna Park chalk festival.

North 1st Street
22 Restore mural of Spartan Olympians with fresh paint take deep pride in the history and struggle of local heroes the SJSU Spartans depicted in this historic mural, fighting for black power on the Olympic victor’s pedestal. Hopefully fresh paint and anti-graffiti coating could restore this proud local landmark. North 4th Street
23 Koi fish pond for the JFG Truly form a lasting friendship with the Japanese people.

Comment: Ariel – This sounds good.

Comment: Jose Posadas – Doesn’t this already exist in the park?

Senter Road
24 Install flags/pennants on light poles on Keyes Street that name the Spartan Keyes Neighborhood know that they are in a specific neighborhood, not just getting on/off the freeway or going to SJSU. Keyes Street
25 More doggy bags in the Delmas Park Area clean up after their dogs. Atlanta Avenue
26 A public tool lending library for any city resident to access tools could be housed in one of the city’s public works departments where any resident could check out tools needed to repair or improve their homes or yards. This builds on someone else’s suggestion to have a tool library for community beautification to extend it’s access to individual city residents. South 8th Street
27 Trash Cans and Trash bins More trash cans and trash bins so people could throw away the clutter and trash, instead of leaving it on the streets, in a walkway, or corner. Kerley Drive
28 Beautify South 10th st & South 11th from Humboldt to Santa Clara St. Enjoy Down Town San Jose more. I get a bad feeling every time I enter the down town area. East Santa Clara Street
29 Clean up 280 ramps 10th and 11th St. Enjoy a clean environment 180 Woz Way
30 A Tool Lending Library Make beautification projects in the community-neighborhood.

Comment: Carol Valentine – This seems like a good idea if one of the public works departments could house the collection of tools and have a check out system for tools to be borrowed and returned. I especially like the idea of large ladders or chain saws that are items families might have problems purchasing for one project and also have problems storing once their project is done.

North 13th Street
31 Install solar powered trash compactor trash cans in Backesto park not have to deal with the over filling trashcans in the park. New Orleans installed these through the entire French Quarter.  Example here. East Empire Street
32 Connect Senter Rd with Hwy 280 project will significantly improve living conditions (through noise, smog, traffic, etc.) of D3, hence helping to develop it as a family friendly neighborhood. 40 Story Road
33 Vacant lot can be community garden Grow vegetables and flowers and generally improve the look of the neighborhood. This teaches people how their food is sourced. East William Street
34 install a self cleaning toilet at each of the parks in District 3 we would have a healthier environment if homeless could have access throughout the district to toilets, because currently sometimes people have no options except to use bushes etc. in our district. Also as a grandmother I have often wished when I took by grandchildren to a park that there were facilities available so that when one of the little ones needed a toilet we did not have to pack up and go home. This might be a duplicate as I tried before to send it but didn’t see it register as going through.

Comment: Carol Valentine – I see this as primarily environmental, but possible also under parks.

Bestor Street
35 Window dressing for vacant downtown storefronts Enjoy window shopping while strolling downtown streets. Until the day comes when we have zero retail vacancy, wouldn’t it be nice to see a warmly lit window displaying the work of local artists… or directional signage showing the way to a great event or gallery down the street? Yes, there is an initiative on the budget agenda but that will be at least a year away and these funds would enable us to make arrangements with vacant storefront owners now to do the window dressing for them. The result: we could create a more inviting downtown atmosphere for residents and visitors alike, while quite possibly reducing the blighted areas we have to dodge now… in the future, the success of this could serve as the city-wide model when the Downtown Retail Activation Initiative goes into force. This probably falls under Environment but it could just as easily work for Arts and Culture or public safety as well. South 2nd Street
36 Purchase the property and create a skate park for youth in the “pit” in Spartan Keyes to provide neighborhood teens a place to hang out and engage in sports and to eliminate the eyesore that the Pit has been for at least ten years. Keyes Street
37 Bocce Clubhouse Kiosk Reserve its use to hold private bocce events, use its newly built grill kitchen and the city can generate revenue from its rental. North 13th Street
38 Create a multi-use field in the park so that youth and children can have activities to do after school South 34th Street
39 Renew/Replace Wayfinding Signage on Guad River Trail Downtown find their way on the trail. Between Woz Way and Park Ave there are several signs that have been defaced or removed completely, and several bronze plaques attached to the trail walkway that are broken or missing. This is a beautiful section of Downtown that would greatly benefit from wayfinding signage. Guadalupe River Trail
40 Install solar powered trash compactor trash cans in St. James park Not have to look at overflowing trash cans in the park. New Orleans installed these through the entire French Quarter.  Example here. North 1st Street
41 Beautify Backesto Park benefit by being able to take pride in their neighborhood and local businesses might possibly be drawn to the area. Regular maintenance of the restrooms, additional landscaping, and neighborhood ‘flags’ will help create more appeal and attract more positive attention. North 13th Street
42 New vintage trash cans, repainted park benches and LED lighting at St. James Park Enjoy the park day or night. Replacing the lighting with LEDs will make it brighter and more inviting, while freshly sanded and painted benches will enable people to sit and enjoy their park without getting splinters. Vintage trash cans would enable more to be integrated into the park and encourage use through better access, while adding to the “once was” splendor – but please… don’t put them right next to the benches! North 2nd Street
43 Clean out the Caltrans areas under 280. play basketball or asphalt soccer to activate those spaces, replacing the weeds and dumping that exist now. East Reed Street
44 Baseball Field So that residents can come together as a community, participate in recreational sports, and improve their health & fitness. West Virginia Street
45 Two Big Soccer nets for Gardner Community Center So that families & neighborhood residents can continue to play soccer. This can be applied to any other community center in the area. It will promote health and fitness. West Virginia Street
46 Complete the Coyote Creek Path. Have a bit of nature near their homes. Walk dogs, exercise. Just get away from the pavement for a bit. Parts of Coyote Creek already have paths, as does the Guadalupe river and a few other waterways. Coyote creek should be done too.  Comment: Stephanie – I agree. A nice ‘clean out’ of the creek area for residents to walk through would be nice (safe) exercise too. Arroyo Way
47 Install a small low-maintenance park to beautify a blighted area on both sides of 10th St at Hedding feel comfortable walking, biking, and otherwise passing through this neighborhood near the train tracks without thinking it’s an abandoned wasteland of debris.

Comment: Petra Pino – Yes! I was just going to suggest this when I saw Nick’s idea. This blighted corner needs some love.  Comment: Someone – Agree

East Hedding Street
48 Put $ in a fund to cover City park fees use when a neighborhood association wants to sponsor an event. This could be a way to help strengthen local neighborhoods.

Comment: Pete Kolstad –
Great idea, but… Instead of one City department paying another, or spending neighborhood funds to create community events, WAIVE the fees.

Comment: Jose Posadas – Waiving fees for neighborhoods and nonprofits working to improve the community should be standard practice.

Guadalupe River Trail
49 Have 2-3 Tricycles for adults at key bike sharing stations people can use tricycle to go shopping and bring home groceries/packages safely. North 2nd Street
50 Install a electronic lane shift sign on 2nd street between Younger and Hedding Minimize people running into parked cars (at least 6 parked cars damages in last 8 months) because block has no street lights AND road narrows requiring traffic to shift to avoid back ending parked cars. North 1st Street
51 Install spikes to prevent pigeons from roosting in underpasses with sidewalks district wide walk to school. restaurants, work without stepping in bird poop and inhaling toxic substances Arnold Avenue
52 A Cross Walk at Corner of Kerley St and E Rosemary ONE Striped Cross Walk at the corner of Kerley Street and E. Rosemary Street 95112, at the corner where the new park will be built. So it could be safe crossing to get to the park, in addition parents could feel much more safer with their kids crossing the street. East Rosemary Street
53 Four Way Stop for W. Virginia St. @ Locust Boost neighborhood safety for this section of D3. Currently, this location has a two-way stop and traffic safety is outdated. This is near CET and Rocketship Schools. Locust Street
54 Permit parking for North King Road (from McKee Road to Alum Road Avenue) Our fellow D3 residents in this section struggle to park due to high volume of street vehicle sales taking up a majority of the street parking. Permit parking would ease parking complications and boost safety for this section of D3. North King Road
55 Four way stop signs for South 28th Street feel safe at each intersection. South 28th Street
56 Four way stop signs for South 26th Street feel safe at each intersection. South 26th Street
57 Stopping light for the street properly stop and let cars pass by, it takes a while due to heavy congested traffic. It will also reduce accidents. Appian Lane
58 Radar Speed limit sign at Auzerais and Josefa Slow down. This is a busy artery along a street kids walk to school on. The corner is very dangerous with poor visibility for people turning from Josefa to Auzerais. There is no cross walk either, anywhere on the street except at Bird and at Delmas. This corner needs a Radar Speed Limit sign to slow commuters down to speed limits. Many nearby residents have mentioned this problem and experienced it firsthand.

Comment: Bert Weaver – This is truly needed. Auzerais Ave has become a speedway between Bird Ave and Hwy 87. A speed radar sign will help remind folks to slow down.

Comment: Andrew T – This is a great start. At the same time, a more comprehensive follow-up strategy is needed. Raised, painted crosswalks preceded by arrays of Bott’s dots would be sufficiently irritating to slow many motorists.

Josefa Street
59 Security Cameras Install security cameras to protect the neighborhood and local businesses. 13th St. between Empire and 101 is just one example of several areas that could benefit. People would feel better about being in the area and possibly local businesses would benefit.

Comment: Pete Kolstad – Interesting idea. Could one house install an internet camera or two that could neighboring homes? And could people from nearby homes look at the footage? Shared costs might mean more eyes on the street.

North 13th Street
60 Homeless Camp Clean Up There are homeless camps on both sides of the 101 at 13th St. Cleaning up these areas up will hopefully help the homeless people that are living there find housing. This would also clean up all of the garbage and waste that has accumulated. This is obviously a huge issue for the people that impacted, but also adds to a negative image for our community and San Jose. Oakland Road
61 Traffic Calming needed on Schulte Dr. @ Lochridge Dr. Boost neighborhood and vehicle safety. Safety is outdated and this intersection carries the heavy flow of traffic from the apartments nearby. Lochridge Drive
62 Force some progress at 75 W William be rid of a 30+ year abandoned home, and apply the same process to other abandoned/burned homes in D3. West William Street
63 The placement of Speed bumps on Delmas Avenue. This action will decrease speeding in a residential area. It will also prevent future accidents and help secure public safety in the area. Delmas Avenue
64 Improve Street Lighting on the Blighted N 13th Street, to deter crime and improve the atmosphere and environment that is portrayed through this major corridor off 101 and into the downtown neighborhoods. Feel safe walking around the neighborhood. Discourage crime in the area and loitering/drinking in public that’s so blatant. So that the downtown entrance from 13th street area off 101 doesn’t give off such and unwelcoming unsafe impression of these downtown San Jose neighborhoods.

Comment: Jose Posadas – agree.

Comment: Jen Williams – Absolutely agreed. Entering from 101/13th just feels and looks so unwelcoming, ugly, and at times – downright sad and scary. Street lights, a regular clean-up schedule, and perhaps some new signage and maintained trash bins might help.

Comment: Matt C – I agree. If we put money into lighting is there anything else that we can do to help the area? Is there a way we can entice K&C Food Wholesale to take down the chain-link fence with spiraled barbed wire on top located on 13th near Mission St. Maybe we could help replace it with a nicer more friendly looking fence?. If the fence, and lighting is changed then maybe this location will start to look more desirable to neighborhood friendly businesses.

North 13th Street
65 Pave and light the West bank of the Guadalupe River Trail comfortably walk, bike, and jog between Coleman (really Autumn St since the rest is done) and W. Julian Street without fear of falling on uneven muddy/rocky terrain or encountering a homeless encampment suddenly around an unlit corner.
66 program to prevent car theft N/A Checkers Dr.
67 more police officers or crime prevention programs to protect the citizens in my area Checkers Dr.
68 Have dedicated loading/unloading parking area for all senior housing complexes that do not have off street parking safely help seniors enter and exit vehicles and improve traffic flow by avoiding double parking on congested streets North 2nd Street
69 Set up a quilting/sewing studio in Roosevelt Community center with sewing machines and long-arm quilting machine socialize, collaborate, and give back to the community by making philanthropic quilts for shelters, hospitals, etc. in D3. This will primarily be for seniors but could also engage teens and help them develop applied math skills and project management skills. North 1st Street
70 Shawls for Seniors Make shawls for seniors using sewing machines purchased for seniors at centers North 6th Street
71 Center for the elderly learn about the community and mingle. They could give back to the community and the youth could learn to appreciate the elderly more. South King Road
72 A center for elderly mingle, and learn about the community, and give back to the youth and in that same way the youth to give back to the elderly. Rough and Ready Road
73 Install a speed bump on the north end of Lick Avenue to slow traffic that does not observe the stop sign at Willow and Lick Avenue, and reduce endangerment of pedestrians who try to negotiate that corner. Lick Avenue
74 install lamp posts under Hwy 280 at S. 2nd. S. 3rd. S. 7th, S. 10th and S. 11th Streets walk with more visibility and feel safe when walking through any of these streets and underpasses. Alley
75 Free Food Garden on Public Property Plant vegetables and fruit trees along public sidewalks that local citizens take care of. Then offer the food as free to anyone who passes by and wants a fresh and healthy snack. Many people living in downtown can’t grow fruit or vegetables for themselves because they don’t have yards to garden in. This would benefit everyone in the community. Florence Way
76 Auzerais Bike Lanes safely and comfortably bike from their homes and apartments in Midtown and Delmas Park to DTSJ. Auzerais Avenue
77 Traffic Calming, Stop Sign, Speed Bump, Limit parking on corners? …be safer. There have been two accidents at the intersection of 19th and Brookwood in the past year. There’s a school nearby and many young children in the neighborhood. People pick up speed from San Antonio to William and use it as a cut through. Brookwood Avenue
78 Better Lighting and Art Better lighting, lights and art. So it could be much safer to walk on the sidewalks and driving could be more visible off of 10th and 11th street. East Santa Clara Street
79 The Hensley District / Sidewalk Improvement My name is Sarah Gama, I live at 390 North 3rd Street, San Jose, CA 95112. As a child, I would ride my bike in the neighborhood. Now as an adult (57), I pass out flyers for Dumpster/Clean-Up Day, National Night Out, Disaster Awareness, etc. I noticed cracks on our sidewalks that are 50 – 60 yrs. old. In the 1990’s I became involved in cleaning up the drug activity that filtered from Ryland Park to the railroad tracks and on to my street. I would take my daughter swimming at Ryland Park and I noticed these Mexican selling drugs in the restrooms of Ryland Park to these youngsters. With the help of the police and I also spoke to Salvation Army we were able to clean up the mess! I am happy to see a total different change, young Americans, working class/students walking their dogs. It is nice to see the different ethnic backgrounds feeling safe to walk in my neighborhood. My suggestions would be if The City of San Jose would allocate some monies toward sidewalk improvements; if The City of San Jose is willing to match the property owner with 30 – 50 percent of the cost, it may give the property owner an incentive/motivation to add value to their property. If The City of San Jose is willing to hire a reasonable contractor, it would be a win situation for the contractor and his employees, a win situation for the property owner – increase value, a win situation for the walkers that utilized our streets, and a win situation for The City of San Jose to beautify our streets and demonstrate that they care! South 4th Street
80 Permit parking zone So home owners can have space to park. Reduce congestion with vehicles, storing, dumping, and other illegal activity in cars parked in my area. City can generate revenue and keep the streets clean. Locust Street
81 Reduce Noise, Visual Contamination and Air Pollution near I880 and N 1st by planting trees along the on ramp. Improve the quality of life for 30 households who live within 500 ft of the highway. North 1st Street
82 Lighting/Streets & Sidewalk improvements to take walks with my family. Horning Street
83 More lighting and street repair be safe Santa Ana Street
84 More lighting in my neighborhood be more safe Santa Ana Street
85 Entice K&C Wholesale to replace chain-linked/barbed-wire fence with a more neighborhood fence Since 13th st spanning from the 101 into our neighborhood is a major entrance, I think we should focus funds on improving the appearance of the street and businesses. By replacing this large ugly fence new neighborhood friendly businesses will start seeing this area as a more desirable location. Currently, there are very few businesses in this section of 13th street that are neighborhood friendly. If there are funds remaining then maybe we could also entice the auto repair business on the south east corner of Taylor and 13th to do the same. Vestal Street
86 Install New Lights or Repair Existing Lights at Hwy 87 Underpasses at San Carlos St and Park Ave feel safe while walking through the underpasses at night. The San Carlos St underpass has streetlights, but most are burnt out, and the ones that do work are not very bright. New, bright lights, like those installed in the historic lampposts at the Santa Clara St underpass, would make this scary, foreboding area much safer and more inviting.  The Park Ave underpass has only a few ceiling mounted light fixtures that give off very little light – when they work at all. The fixtures are covered with cobwebs, and the bulbs are very dim.

Comment: Andrew T – At this point, every underpass abutting DTSJ should be beautified with art and well-lit to promote safety and create welcoming gateways to DTSJ.

Delmas Avenue
87 Replace the faded Luna Park Business District banners Be impressed by Luna Park business rather than seeing signs that have been blasted by the sun for years and look run down. Or at least remove the faded signs such as this.

Comment: Jen Williams – This is a good idea. The streets, signage, street lights, building sides, etc. should all be repaired/replaced.

North 13th Street
88 Fix utility poles and overhead wires on Taylor between 13th & 17th The overhead wires on Taylor are amazingly sloppy. The wires actually drape across the stop light in two intersections. * 17th & Taylor like this.    * 13th & Taylor (forgot the picture but this one is a doozy)  There is a utility pole that’s grafted on to one that was hit by a car and knocked down somewhere on Taylor but I forget the location. East Taylor Street
89 Rezone and Clean up 13th St between Empire and 101 Businesses along this area are run down and there are too many of one kind of business. As an example there are several auto body shops in this very residential neighborhood. Adding other types of businesses would allow the community to grow in a better direction, creating spaces where people actually wanted to go.

Comment: Matt C – I totally agree that there are too many auto repair shops on this street. Do you have a plan or project in mind where the money could be spent to help move existing businesses and bring in new more desirable businesses?

North 13th Street
90 Plant Trees: 13th St between Julian and 101 Plant or replace dead trees along this street to enhance the neighborhood. North 13th Street
91 Add some streetlights to the Rosemary Gardens blocks that have none see better at night and make things safer Arnold Avenue
92 Close half of Park Avenue, between Almaden and Market, to vehicle traffic and pave it for pedestrians comfortably walk along Park Avenue and the Tech Museum as part of the Paseo de San Antonio. 183 Park Avenue
93 Beautification and lighting of the W St. John undercrossing at 87 comfortably and safely walk between the San Pedro Square area and Little Italy and the River Trail. North Almaden Boulevard
94 LRT Rail Pedestrian Crossing Gates more safely walk across the LRT tracks and Woz Way to the CDM. Auzerais Avenue
95 Protected bike lanes safely bike on Almaden Boulevard without fear of high-speed traffic West San Carlos Street
96 Speed bumps Play, walk and live safely.

Comment: Angie – There’s always people speeding and peeling out up and down these streets. I’ve seen so many kids and teens almost ran down. Not to mention all the dogs and cats that get ran over. Great idea.

Locust Street
97 Provide traffic light (r alternative solution) at Martha & 11th st. So that traffic from Martha can safely merge / cross on 11th during peak hours. Martha Street
98 Provide a pedestrian island to cross 280exit at 10th st. So that pedestrian can look for incoming traffic and safely wait to cross. South 10th Street
99 Sound Baffles under Hwy 87 at Delmas relax outdoors and chat instead of having to stop while trucks roar along 87 -or- cars accelerate up the 87 on ramp at Auzerais -or- cars fly down Delmas to beat the light -or- motorcycles rumble along Auzerais with the bottom side of 87 echoing their noise in all directions.

Comment: Bert Weaver – Great idea! This would benefit residents and diners at the outdoor café tables. It would greatly improve the parking lot under Hwy 87 as a potential site for outdoor community activities – block parties, farmers’ market, festivals.

Auzerais Avenue
100 Stop Sign Request for South 28th Street @ ESF S.28th St. @ ESF intersection experiences a high volume of traffic at approx. 108 vehicles within a 30min time span (M-F). NB/SB Stop sign installations would boost neighborhood safety. East San Fernando Street
101 South 26th Street Stop Sign Installations for NB/SB Lanes. On an average morning (M-F) between 7:30am-8:00am the intersection at South 26th Street at East San Fernando Street has approx. 100 vehicles passing through. A safety enhancement such as northbound and southbound stop sign installations could boost neighborhood safety and save lives.

Comment: Someone – This is for South 26th Street, not S.24th. Pin was dropped incorrectly.

East San Fernando Street
102 Antique-style trash cans along N. 13th (Jackson – Hedding) Reduce litter and blight along this pedestrian/business corridor. North 13th Street
103 Traffic Calming in Northside 15 St., Empire and other wide streets in the area have big issues with cars speeding, drivers ignoring stop signs, drag racing, donuts, etc. Implementing roundabouts, or another solution, would cut down on these issues. This would help residents feel safer, reduce accidents and more.

Comment: Jose Posadas – totally agree and support.

Comment: Pete Kolstad – Consider islands at spots on 15th that stop northbound or southbound traffic from barreling through. Palo Alto did this 30 years ago. It sometimes takes a while for the locals to find a normal route home, but stops the cut-through drivers from using neighborhood streets to avoid the arterials.

Comment: Jen Williams – Agreed. Traffic on 15th and around the area should be slowed. Speed humps, round-abouts, or similar will help to create a more ‘neighborly/community’ feel and may also help criminal elements feel less at home.

Washington Street
104 Light and Beautify 3rd and 7th Street 280 Underpasses walk safely between the Spartan Keyes neighborhood and downtown.

Comment: Andrew T – At this point, every freeway underpass abutting downtown–St. John, Park, W San Carlos, Auzerais, Vine/S Almaden, 1st/2nd, 3rd, 7th, 10th/11th–should have art and be well-lit.

Comment: Carol Valentine – Definitely agree.

Sinclair Freeway
105 Close northbound Market between San Carlos and San Fernando have a traffic-free plaza in front of the Fairmont. Traffic could be two-way along the west side of Cesar Chavez.

Comment: Andrew T – Loving the idea of effectively expanding the plaza. We should keep in mind that vehicles would still need access for ingress to and egress from the parking at Market and San Carlos and to the Fairmont, including emergency vehicles and taxis.

South Market Street
106 Install a series of “Welcome to the X Neighborhood” signs learn the neighborhoods Downtown and some of the history. South Almaden Avenue
107 Install sexy lights on Seventh below the 280 overpass. routinely walk to SJSU’s “south campus” for games and other activities. Add pedestrian lights on Seventh to aid the connection when funds are available. Sinclair Freeway
108 Install Wayfinding Signs to SJSU at the Convention Center be led to a tour of the school and its history. Maybe out San Carlos to the school and return via SoFA so they can learn about the entertainment aspects nearby. Viola Avenue
109 Install a Wayfinding Kiosk at the Convention Center find the resources Downtown that out-of-towners don’t know we have. Ideally, something video-y that could be updated easily and tweaked to the convention that’s in town.

Comment: Andrew T – Perhaps we could work with Apple or Google to do voice-based searches for places downtown. “Hilton Hotel.” “Here are the results for Hilton Hotels in downtown San Jose.” Could combine that with Apple Pay/Android Pay and an NFC reader to securely call and pay for a taxi/Uber/Lyft.

Viola Avenue
110 Fix the offset intersection at East/West Reed. move east from 280/Almaden Blvd across Market to Notre Dame High School. Currently, those drivers are forced south onto Market. A huge development (The Pierce) at that location will aggravate the issue tremendously. South 1st Street
111 Block traffic one way at various points on the numbered streets. not fear from speeders on the long stretches of old orchard roads. Palo Alto did this years ago and it has worked well to keep cut-through traffic out of the neighborhoods. South 24th Street
112 Hire Downtown Streets Team to Maintain Caltrans Properties not have to look at the trash that collects along 280. Sinclair Freeway
113 Portable Radar Trailers: “Your Speed is <Too Damned Fast>” Calm traffic on neighborhood streets without involving DOT. Units are as low as $4,000. South 20th Street
114 study to find ways to have better drainage and filtered drainage in old parts of city could have less standing water in streets after rain, and runoff could be filtered and cleaned before it enters water storage for the city This would cover 3 categories, streets, environment and technology.

Comment: Carol Valentine – currently when it rains the drains do not work well on our street and many others. A study to improve drainage could also address filtration improvements.

South 8th Street
115 Mobile Traffic Camera Pilot Program Improve safety, reduce accidents ( vehicle and pedestrian), decrease speeding, raise revenue from tickets to implement other vital traffic calming measures.

Comment: Pete Kolstad – I would love to know more about this “mobile” camera stuff. Could we have a couple that move to various hot spots in the District? A smallish investment might have a huge impact.  Contact me? pete.kolstad@gmail.com

Burton Avenue
116 Add safety to the 900 block of N. 2nd Street from Hedding to E. Younger Sts. We want more walkability and safety in our neighborhood. This area, 900 block of N. 2nd Street, doesn’t have any street lights from Hedding to Younger. In addition the road bends and narrows around the middle of the block. This causes a traffic hazard as a number of the neighbors who park their vehicles on the street are hit by motorists not paying attention.   There have been a number of accidents that cause thousands of dollars of property damage, car collisions, to the residents.  There are neighborhood children who live across the street from one another. These children will play and cross the street here too.  For the sake of neighborhood and resident safety this project is needed.

Comment: Pete Kolstad – Maybe install a solar-powered streetlight similar to the ones in Del Monte Park on Auzerais? There’s a telephone pole right near the curve.

North 2nd Street
117 Stop Light at Peruka Safely cross the road by the Elementary and High School North 25th Street
118 Round About With Plants Through San Antonio Street! Have natural (much needed) beautification on the street, have safer/slower roadways, improve the roads due to people slowing down for roundabouts and less accidents – we hear at least 1 or 2 a week on surrounding streets as people fly through San Antonio as a 680 thoroughfare. South 19th Street
119 Traffic calming. Speed bumps on 2nd, third, Taylor, and Burton between 1st and 4th, Burton to Hedding. These streets are just too fast! Not be afraid to back out of y our driveway or cross the street. North 1st Street
120 Repaint road to make Julian/McKee intersections around 101 safe again!! Stop running red lights before, over, and after 101. Stop causing accidents as a result of near-invisible limit lines and crosswalks. Improve pedestrian safety when crossing Julian at 28th. These lines have been desperately in need of paint for some time (remember that school bus accident?!) and please PLEASE let’s get this done.

Comment: Jose Posadas – agree

Bayshore Freeway
121 BART access from the Northside/Watson Park Update the path between Watson Park and the new BART station to allow safe and easy pedestrian access from the soccer fields. Jackson Street
122 Traffic Calming at the North Side Traffic calming would help avoid car accidents, car/bike accidents and people getting hit by cars. More roundabouts, fingers at cross walks and signage in school/play ground zones and at busy intersections will make the neighborhood safer, more walkable, and continue making it safer for cyclists. It will also help with the additional cars that will come when the Taylor street 101 interchange and BART open. East Empire Street
123 street improvements for Hedding and Hy 101 area as well as Oakland and Hy 101 The south side of Hedding between 14th and 17th street has never had a curb. Vehicles now park in the portion of the street where the curb should be. In order to improve visibility and safety, a curb should be added to the edge of the roadway. Oakland and Hy 101 is severely blighted with transients, garbage and run-downs business and is desperate for improvements.

Comment: Jose Posadas – Curb will be beneficial for this curved road.

North 18th Street
124 Traffic calming for wide streets Reduce the drag racing, donuts, and speeding on the streets between Watson Park/Empire Gardens school and Backesto Park/Grant Elementary.  Comment: Jose Posadas – agree East Empire Street
125 Improve traffic light synchronization on Hedding between 1st and 13th Streets more smoothly travel without stopping at each traffic light and relieve congestion. Currently there is heavy congestion because of lack of coordination of traffic lights on 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 11th, and 13th. It can take 20 mins to travel the mile distance between 1st and 13th during rush hour. One typically has to stop and wait at each of the six traffic lights. North 4th Street
126 Install street-level lighting and pavement decoration to beautify a dark and forbidding street enjoy walking along W. St. John Street between trendy San Pedro Market and struggling St. James Park at all times of day and night, perhaps learning about local history and culture as they go. (2 blocks between N. San Pedro & N. 1st Streets) North Market Street
127 The street light at an unsafe part of 2nd Street north of heading Reduce or eliminate the accidents at that area.

Comment: Antonina Ettare – Yes, this area, 900 block of N. 2nd Street, doesn’t have any street lights from Hedding to Younger. In addition the road bends and narrows around the middle of the block. This causes a traffic hazard as a number of the neighbors who park their vehicles on the street are hit by motorists not paying attention.  There have been a number of accidents that cause thousands of dollars of property damage, car collisions, to the residents.  There are neighborhood children who live across the street from one another. These children will play and cross the street here too. For the sake of neighborhood and resident safety this project is needed.  Thank you.

Comment: Carol and Ron Murphy – The darkness currently creates a trip hazard, especially for the many senior pedestrians. Our parked vehicle has been hit or nearly hit on two recent occasions in this stretch.

Comment: raju venkat – Street lights are needed to improve the visibility after 5pm. It is quite likely that the darkness may lead to either accidents or safety issues.

East Hedding Street
128 Change street lighting in troubled areas to LED My suggestion is to locate the most troublesome areas of our neighborhood (areas with high crime rates, accidents, homelessness, etc.) and replace the existing yellow street light bulbs with new LED bulbs. With our current lighting, we cannot see 5 feet in front of our faces. How are we supposed to watch for crime, avoid pot holes, or sleeping vagrants? And if we do happen to see a crime in progress, we have no way of offering any details to dispatchers. With the yellow lights you cannot tell what color a car, clothing, or even skin and hair is.  I understand there was a valid reason for the yellow lights at one time, but in all honesty I feel that the safety of our residents should take immediate priority over an outdated and relatively unused telescope. I also realize there are many projects this city needs to have done. Parks, murals, general neighborhood aesthetics, etc., all have valid need for this money, but in the end, if you cannot see the project, what good is putting money into it? Two other little bonuses are that there would be a lot less graffiti, since those artists (if you can call them that) do not like to be seen, and the city would save a lot of money and energy by switching to the LED’s since LED’s only take a fraction of the energy the old Sodium Vapor? style lights do.  As an example, new homes were built along 11th Street between Hedding and Taylor. The new side of the street now has LED bulbs. Walking on that side of the street allows a person to see almost as clearly as one would during the day. You feel safe knowing you can see what, and who is around you. However, directly across the street are the outdated yellow bulbs. On this side of the street people trip over uneven concrete and run into bushes. Heck, I have even walked into the side of a car parked half in a driveway because I couldn’t see it in the dark. Before making a decision, I invite you to take a walk or drive on 11th between Hedding and Taylor, or anywhere else new construction has been done within the last couple of years. The difference is literally like night and day, and I feel it could make a huge difference in the safety and security of our hood.

Comment: Jose Posadas – agree

North 13th Street
129 Fence around the El Rancho Verde apartments for safety to increase public safety Checkers Dr.
130 U Turn Sign at Mckee & King Rd. to keep everyone safe Checkers Dr.
131 fix the sidewalks along Mckee Rd. for public use Checkers Dr.
132 More public parking along McKee Rd. to decrease parking congestion in my neighborhood Checkers Dr.
133 Urban Orchard App Geotag places where fruit bearing trees are not being picked so that community groups can locate, pick and distribute fruit to underserved communities, seniors and the homebound.

Comment: Andrew T – I see so much fruit go to waste because it never gets picked! But I would leave it up to property owners to geotag their fruit trees.

North San Pedro Street
134 More technology at every middle school learn more about technology. North White Road
135 More computers for every school So that youth, elderly, and children could learn more about technology, and computing.

Comment: Andrew T – I applaud this. We definitely need improved technology training. But how do we divvy this up amongst the districts and not bleed outside District 3? Brings up the moral question of should we do this if we’re only doing this for D3, so that some SJUSD schools get computers but others don’t because of something as arbitrary as a line on a map?

Lester Shields Es Access
136 More computers for every school So that youth, elderly, and children could learn more about technology, and computing. Independence Hs Access
137 App for San Jose Districts For residents who have a hard time locating District information , this app would track your home location and tell you your District number. It would also feature District info, as well as fast contact information for City departments and services.
138 San Jose Lost animal app This app would allow residents who find lost animals to report information about animals they may come across. A lot of times people either follow animal or abandon lost animal. With this app an individual could log information about lost animal, which could then be accessed by pet owners in search of their pet. Guadalupe River Trail
139 Improve San Jose Clean App Report more problems than just graffiti to the city. Additional enhancements:  * Improve the “Other” issues to report within App rather than just giving a phone number.  * Remove the message to call 911 for emergencies. Give option to hide after seeing the first time. This is annoying when you want to report several problems.  * Ability to track the status of the problem you report within the app. South 4th Street
140 Improve City Ticket Routing When people submit an issue to the city and provide information about a problem but they report it to the wrong department, the city closes the ticket and tells the taxpayer to submit everything again to a the correct department. The city should internally transfer the ticket to the right department rather than closing and asking the taxpayer to resubmit. South 4th Street
141 Install security cameras at play ground, restrooms, soccer field,/dog park for Watson Park community . Have a safer, more secure park by detecting burglaries, drug trafficking, prostitution and general mayhem.

Comment: Jen Williams – Great idea!

Comment: Carole Beebe – Support this concept!

North 22nd Street
142 Install sexy lights on Market below the 280 overpass. walk to the growing resources in the Washington neighborhood without fearing for their lives. Faber’s bicycles is rumored to become a brew-pub, which is perfect for all the new residents coming to The Pierce, the Enterprise development and the planned Gateway Towers. South 1st Street
143 Solar Powered Cell Phone Chargers Charge their phones without breaking into streetlights (by Ernst and Young) or the Library Plaza. There could be multiple locations.

Comment: Andrew T – This could be great if combined with seating and a hard umbrella/shade

South 4th Street
144 Wayfinding Every dollar should be spent on the City_ID wayfinding budget – will have a great impact on D3 and greater Downtown San Jose.

Comment: Andrew T – I feel like I’m more familiar with what SJ is doing than the average resident, and I had never previously heard of City-ID. Even doing a Google search wasn’t particularly informative, aside from a blurb from the Knight foundation and some info from SPUR.

Cahill Street
145 Mobile City Hall app quickly report trouble spots around the City requiring attention, allowing City departments to respond efficiently with reliable information. (Only needs to take “City Sourced” Mobile City Hall app from District 1 and expand it city-wide – app already in use.) South 4th Street
146 Create a mini traffic park/learning site for young children to learn safety and proper etiquette for walking, bicycling, skating and driving children can learn and practice safe transit rules and procedures. Perhaps use school sites during summer break. Project would need to include signs, model cityscapes, and equipment (bicycles, cones, etc.) North 1st Street
147 Create a mini traffic park/learning site for young children to learn safety and proper etiquette for walking, bicycling, skating and driving children can learn and practice safe transit rules and procedures. Perhaps use school sites during summer break. Project would need to include signs, model cityscapes, and equipment (bicycles, cones, etc.) North 2nd Street
148 Bikes for Students Repair and rebuild the countless bikes that are thrown away at City Dumpster days and given to low-income students. North 21st Street
149 Renovate the McKinley Bonita Center So the community could gather there more, and help the community unite and grow. Bonita Avenue
150 scholarships Scholarships for every children in middle school and high school, so more children could have the means to pay for materials and college. Lavonne Avenue
151 More extracurricular activities for the youth. have that eagerness to focus more on school, and learn more to seek a better education. Colonade Square
152 Reopen the library located at Independence High School so that young people can use it Checkers Dr.
153 Bus to take the students to school for the students at stephan middle school Checkers Dr.
154 A program for teens and seniors to work together making crafts/food The capital improvement is in the ovens/stoves/sewing machines placed at community centers and mobile home park community centers where the two groups would meet and create. The end products could go to the homeless and/or form a business venture. It’s a mentoring project, a finance project, a job training project, and potentially a small business. North 3rd Street
155 Sidewalk Improvements near Historic Hensley Sidewalk Improvements near Historic Hensley – City would match funds with property owners to make repairs. North 3rd Street
156 Street bumps Street bumps near 28th and East San Fernando to help slow down fast drivers 28th/East San Fernando